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Flood taking over our home – Ebonyi destitute PWDs

by Inclusive News Network

Occupants of the old and destitute home located at Alo Street, Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi state Wednesday raised the alarm over incessant floods in their residential headquarters.

They explained that they are in danger following the frequent flood witness in their residential quarters.

Chairman of the home, John Lekpa disclosed this during the visit of members of Correspondent Chapel of the NUJ, Ebonyi state to donate food items to them.

Mr. Lekpa alleged that the flood is caused by the forceful takeover of the Acuff portion of their land in the quarters and the fencing by the state government which has prevented the free flow of water, and called for the construction of drainages in the area for free flow of water.

He lamented that the flood if not controlled may render them homeless.

He said, “You are the voice of the voiceless, we are having challenges in this home. If you look around our premises, you will see how bad it is because of the flood that has been disturbing us since the premises was blocked with a fence by the government that has taken over part of the premises. Since the encroachment of our premises, there has been a serious flood in our premises whenever it rains.

“The government just came and barricaded our premises and it has been causing flood in our premises. We can’t sleep whenever it rains because everywhere is usually filled with water. We don’t know where to go to. Thank God you people are here and you are the only people we can run to and the world will hear our cry. Help us and pass this information to the government, we are part of this state, we are their children, we are their brothers and sisters. The old and destitute in this area need help.

“If this small portion of the land is taken away from us by the government because we don’t have money to develop it, where do we run to? Today, they want to take over our small portion of land that we use for our garden, the land has been barricaded and the flood has continued to disturb us. I am begging you, people, to help us”, he said.

In his remarks, Chairman of the Correspondent Chapel, Comrade Samson Nwafor, said the journalists will continue to remember them by visiting them always.

“We will continue to visit you people from time to time because it shows love, it shows oneness and it shows that we have you people in mind”, he said.

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