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Our program is built around “Disability”. We are all connected with one disability or the other but when it comes to media experience, the disabled people are often left behind and not given any special experience in media. Their inner cries are turned into deafen ears for years. Only very few Samarians are helping their matters in little ways they can. People living with disability for years lack the needed information about themselves, other disabilities and other related news that would have connect them with the world and impact their life. That’s why we started “inclusive news network” formerly known as “persons with disability network”.

An online show that delivers news and interview in video using American Sign Language and Spoken English Language. We cover disability topic and culture of each clusters of disability community, top stories and we make it as inclusive as possible with a twist of humour.

Below are the links to some of our videos and some of our Youtube Video Gallery which primary uses Sign language as a medium of communication on behalf of the deafs :

Your Support to Inclusive news Network will go a long way in helping us achieve our targeted goals.  We aim to bridge the gap and provide a platform that hears their cries, wipe their tears, and show them that there is a possibility in life through media experience and support those who are oppressed. We can change many barriers and people’s misconception about our community. Our collective strength is more than enough to blast through and build a better future for all of us But we can’t do this without your support.

We the entire management of Inclusive news Network hereby call upon every Individual to donate to our cause.

Calculatively, we need the sum of #2,376,780 from now and the beginning of the year 2018 to Upgrade our standards and see off other logistics.

The figure will be used to upgrade/Purchase Equipment need for our broadcasting.

Logistics and Equipments includes; Cameras, Studio lights, Desktop Computer & Laptops,  Upgrade our Website and Hosting, Data Subscriptions, Transportation, Tie-clip Wireless Microphones, Telepromoter (c2x), Extendable Professional Video Camera Tripod, Final cut pro x and other operational cost and minimum salaries for employees as incentives.

We remain committed to bringing daily show to you. We are also going to set up advertisements measures to generate  revenue internally and hereby call for sponsorship and partnership.

To Donate, Use these details:

ACCOUNT NAME: Inclusive News Network


BANK: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Thank you in advance for your support.


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