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Ongoing daily Web Analytic reports for the month of March 2018

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Luminous Deaf Scholastic Initiative Held A Nouveau Programme For Deaf Students In Ibadan


Luminous Deaf Scholastic Initiative (LUDESI) is an upcoming non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by Mrs Bernice Oyeleke together with her husband Mr. Olufemi Samson Oyeleke.

In pursuance of her objective to contribute to the educational development of Deaf students, LUDESI organized her first programme tagged ‘S-T-R-E-T-C-H 001’ on Friday, 17th January, 2020 at the Christian Mission for the Deaf, Onireke, Ibadan.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H 001 featured a quiz competition for deaf students in Ibadan alongside motivational speeches which were anchored by Deaf resource persons.

In her opening remarks, the host, Mrs Bernice Oyeleke mentioned that the programme was organized to achieve two major objectives. One; to boost the academic morale of the deaf students, and two; to alleviate the effects of limited opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that deafness imposes on the same students.

Mr. Tobi Akintobi, a lecturer at the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, delivered the first motivational speech with the topic “Zero to Hero – Diligence and Hardwork as Interface.” He explained the difference between diligence and hardwork and how both are needed for any students to rise to the top,

Ms. Aanuoluwapo Omoleye, a final year student at the University of Ibadan, spoke on “Deaf Girl Momentum.” In her speech, she charged the deaf female students to have a prospect in life and pursue it and not regard themselves as sex objects in any way.

Mr. Kelechi Miracle Eze gave the last speech. He challenged the students to try again should they fail in a speech titled “Rebound.”

Three secondary schools participated in the quiz competition at Senior and Junior level. The schools are Andrew Foster Memorial College, Onireke; Methodist Grammar School, Bodija; Ijokodo Grammar School, Ijokodo. Gifts were presented to the schools as Andrew Foster Memorial College emerged first position at both junior and senior levels.

The co-host, Mr Oyeleke, who also doubled as the program anchor, encouraged the students to put into practice what they have learnt.

The programme was supported by Christian Mission for the Deaf, Onireke, Ibadan; Chidi Topaz Olujie Foundation; Inclusive News Network, Mr Olufemi Ige, Mr Edmund Killian, Federal Education Quality Assurance Service, Ibadan.

Some photos from the programme

BREAKING: FG And South West Governors Reach Compromise Over Amotekun


The Federal Government and Governors of the South West region on Thursday, reached a compromise over the legalisation of the Western Nigeria Security Network (Amotekun).

Speaking to state house correspondents, Ondo State governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, said that the controversy genetated from the launch of Amotekun was “needless” and all parties involved had reached a common ground.

Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, refused to comment on the resolution.

Lagos Begins Training For 300 Persons With Disabilities

Cluster heads with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Social Development at the flag off ceremony on Wednesday

The Lagos State Government on Wednesday flagged off vocational training for 300 People Living with Disabilities in the state and assured that it would continue to support and provide protection for them.

Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Olusegun Dawodu, gave the assurance at the flag-off ceremony of the 2019 Vocational Training and Empowerment programme for People Living with Disabilities at the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Owutu, Ikorodu and organised by the Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs, LASODA.
Dawodu maintained that the flag off of the 2019 Disability Vocational Training and Empowerment programme was being held across three divisions in Lagos State, Ikorodu, Badagry and Epe simultaneously.

He said the move testified to the resolve of the present administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu at improving welfare of people living with disability in Lagos State better than the way it met it.

According to him, the event marked the beginning of the skill acquisition programme aimed at making the three hundred beneficiaries not only acquire a vocation free of charge but also immediately become self-employed and almost fully economically independent.

The Commissioner, represented by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Mrs Yewande Falugba, said the need to continue advancing the collective well-being of Persons living with disabilities in Lagos State by training and empowerment programme, would go a long way to making their lives better and give them a sense of belonging.
“With the training commencing in three selected centres across the state, I would like to enjoin People Living with Disabilities to embrace the training with all the seriousness it deserves, which without doubt would also give all of you the opportunity to showcase your inherent skills and abilities through the various work of arts vocations, trades,” he said.

Barr. Daniel Urges NIC To Employ Lawyers With Disabilities As Judges, As Barr. Edeh Calls For Inclusive Justice Deliveries System


Association of Lawyers with Disabilities (ALDIN) had paid a working visit to the President of National Industrial Court, Hon. Justice B.B. Kanyip and his team on Friday, 17th January, 2020.

INN gathers that the visit lead by its National President, Barr. Daniel Onwe with support from Disability Rights Fund (DRF), Boston, USA was to promote inclusive justice service deliveries and employ lawyers with disabilities as judges among others.

Speaking on behalf of the Association, Barr. Daniel Onwe explained that the existence of the organization is necessitated by the fact that persons with disabilities are usually not put into consideration in the scheme of affairs in the society hence their interest usually come as an afterthought. For instance, public buildings are usually constructed with steep flight of steps, without considering that there are people on wheelchairs and crutches, those there are blind, deaf and other persons with other disabilities who would requires peculiar format of communication. Therefore, persons with disabilities are abandoned to their fate. 

“Our courts of justice are not fair to persons with disabilities. Court building and environment are very inaccessible to persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities who come to the courts, either as counsel or litigant are face with untold hardship, and this could be very demoralizing. Persons on wheelchairs, for instance, can only access most courts by they either crawling on the floor or being carried like babies into the courtroom. There are several blind persons who have defied all odds to become lawyers, but the courts seem to close its doors to them as the basic assistive facilities to cater for their peculiarities are conspicuously absent. We have deaf persons who have taken their destinies in their hand to go to school and trained to become a lawyer. And then they face a brick wall in the profession, as there are no sign language interpreters provided to communicate with them in the courts. These practices are unfair, unjust and unequitable for lawyers with disabilities.

He put it at the door of the National Industrial Court because the Court has peculiar jurisdiction to promote equity, fairness and international best practices. It would be equitable, fair and just to create a level playing field for persons with disabilities in the buildings, environment, practice and procedures of the National Industrial Court. Creating level playing field for persons with disabilities has now become a global trend. And Nigeria cannot afford to be an exception. National Industrial Court has so much role to play in upholding the rights of persons with disabilities in Nigeria. It is the court constitutionally vested with exclusive jurisdiction in matters related to labour, employment, unfair labour practices, international best practices in labour, and disputes arising from discrimination.

Qualitative Magazine reports that Barr Daniel had submitted that National Industrial Court in the exercise of this special jurisdiction, should always be mindful of the undeniable fact that persons with disabilities are always victims of covert and overt discrimination in the labour market; the labour environment and practice are most unfair to persons with disabilities. For instance, how can we explain the case of persons with disabilities, who scales through all recruitment interviews and test and possess the essential competencies for the job in question, only to be denied employment just for the reason that they are persons with disabilities? What do we call the situation whereby a lawyer on wheelchair is faced with practicing in courts with sharp flights of steps, but without suitable elevators or ramps? How can a lawyer with disability be crawling in and out court and still fairly compete with other lawyers for patronage?

He went on to repose confidences on National Industrial Court, telling the President that persons with disabilities are expectantly looking up to the National Industrial Court for justice. This visit is to draw the attention of the National Industrial Court to see the need for them to rise up to the occasion to address the plights of lawyers, and other persons with disabilities in the justice administration system in Nigeria. The truth is that lawyers with disabilities are endangered species in the legal profession in Nigeria, and in a dire need of urgent intervention.

His lordship Hon. justice B.B. Kanyip in his response expressed happiness hearing from the group and commended the group for their good job for articulate all the recommendations (which were all in line with recently signed disability right Act). He assured them that to the extent that it lies on them and subject to the availability of funds, he will grant ALDIN’ requests almost immediately. On the reservation of parking lots, he assured that it be implemented both at the headquarters and all the judicial divisions. On appointment of lawyers with disabilities as judges, he said that the starting point is for lawyers with disabilities to make themselves available by applying when there is recruitment.  He said the proposed Practice Direction, will be considered for adoption. Furthermore, he advised ALDIN to review the current National Industrial Court Rules and proposed areas of possible amendment to accommodate peculiarities of disability. He also requested from ALDIN details of a sign language interpreter for engagement by the National Industrial Court as the need arise.

Meanwhile, INN gathers that National Vice President of the Association, Barr. Edeh Catherine while giving the final address stressed the need for the judiciary and judicial system to lay precedents and set the pace by ensuring inclusive structures, facilities and justice system so that they can effectively administer justice over persons and institutions that will violate the provisions of the Disability Act.

Catherine also noted that she is neither the first nor the second homebred deaf lawyer Nigeria would produce, stressing that there are many already, unlike several African countries who many years enacted their disability bills into Act. “Till date, most of these countries have not produced even a single deaf lawyer. But Nigeria has many. And they were ‘made in Nigeria’ Yes, Home-Bred. This however does not mean that Nigerian government is doing up to half of what governments of these countries are doing for their people.”

“Our only advantage is that we breed some calibre of resilient, dogged and indefatigable citizens who despite the nonchalant attitude of government are determined to build a better future for ourselves, the little ones who look up to us, and generations to come.”

She further noted that the association however have certain public and private institutions who have on their own, been supporting and promoting inclusive growth in Nigeria without any budget from government for such and that it is because of the efforts of these few institutions/bodies such as her alma mater the University of Ilorin that people like her are where they are today, contributing to the inclusion discourse.

She pleaded that the issues should not be deferred to a later date in future, rather prompt and proactive actions should be channelled to ensure effective implementation.

ALDIN will in the coming weeks be engaging other Courts Heads in Nigeria. This part of the project ALDIN started running last year, with the support of the Disability Rights Fund. And the project is targeted at making the justice administration system accessible to persons with disabilities.

Nigeria Handed Easy World Cup Qualifiers Draw

Super Eagles

The Nigerians  Men’s senior football side were on Tuesday, pitted against Cape Verde, Central Africa Republic and Liberia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Nigeria’s last outing at the global tournament saw the nation finish third behind Croatia and Argentina in the Group Stage of Russia 2018.

The Draws in full (AFRICAN QUALIFIERS):











Let children with disabilities use their talents – Ghanaian Visually impaired ‘Nsromma’ finalist to parents


A finalist in the Adom TV children reality show, ‘Nsoromma’, is urging parents to allow their children living with disabilities to freely express themselves through their talents.

Speaking on Let’s Talk Showbiz with Doreen Avio, on Wednesday, Stephen Nyameke, who is visually impaired, said that the approval of children’s talents by parents can go a long way to build their confidence.

“I will like to tell parents who have blind children and are keeping them indoors to bring them out so that they can do something just like I am doing on TV,” he said.

He stated that encouraging children with disabilities to explore their talents can help them to do something useful with their lives.

“I will like to tell those who are blind, if you have something special in you, never think it is over. There is more in life and if God says He will promote you, He will promote you,” he stated.

The final episode of the Season 2 of Ghana’s number one children’s reality show on Adom TV, Nsoroma, will come off at the West Hills Mall in Accra, on Sunday, January 19.

The show, which started with 30 contestants went through weeks of good performances, evictions and now has six finalists.

Stephen Nyameke said he is really prepared for the final and urged supporters to vote for him and promised a more spectacular performance on the night.

Performing at the event is Dancehall artiste, MzVee, her former record label mate KiDi, Yaw Berk, actor cum musician Lil Win and many others. (JoyNews)

Lagos bans ‘okada,’ ‘keke’ from major roads, highways, bridges •Full list of affected areas


The Lagos State Government has placed a ban on motorcycles and tricycles popularly known as ‘okada’ and ‘keke,’ in various local government areas of the state.

In the restriction order sent to Channels Television on Monday, the government asked motorcycle and tricycle operators to refrain from operating on major roads in Lagos.

The order, captioned “Lagos Govt Has Banned Okada and Keke Marwa From Plying The Roads … Be Warned’, also listed highways and bridges as routes where motorcycles and tricycles movement were restricted.

See the full list of roads, highways, and bridges affected below:


Lagos Ibadan Expressway

Apapa Oshodi Expressway

Oworoshoki Oshodi Expressway

Lagos Ikorodu Expressway

Lagos Abeokuta Expressway

Babangida Bouleverde

Eti-Osa Lekki Epe Expressway

Lagos Badagry Express

Funsho Williams Avenue

Agege motor Road

Eti-Osa Lekki Coastal Road


Iyana-Ipaja Bridge, Agege/Alimosho Local Government

Dopemu Bridge, Agege/Alimosho Local Government

Airport/Ikeja Bridge, Ikeja Local Government

Agege Motor Road/Oshodi Loop, Oshodi, Ikeja/Mushin Local Government

Mushin/Isolo Link Bridge, Mushin Oshodi Local Government

Dorman Long Bridge Surulere/Lagos Mainland Local Government

Ojuelegba Bridge, Surulere/Lagos Mainland Local Government

National Stadium Flyover, Surulere Local Government

Iganmu/Funsho Williams Bridge Surulere Local Government

Apapa – Iganmu Bridge Surulere Local Government

Apapa – Ijora Link Bridge, Apapa/Lagos Mainland Local Government

Liverpool Bridge, Apapa, Apapa Local Government

Mile 2 Bridge Loop, Amuwo-Odofin, Amuwo-Odofin Local Government

Okota (Cele)/Ijesha Link Bridge Mushin/Oshodi-Isolo Local Government

Apakun/Apapa-Oshodi Bridge Network, Mushin/Oshodi/Isolo Local Government

Ikorodu Road/Anthony Cloverleaf Bridge Somolu/Ikeja Local Government

Trade Fair Flyover Bridge, Ojo Local Government

Festac/Amuwo-Odofin Link Bridge Amuwo Odofin Local Government

2 Flyover bridges along Alhaji Masha Rd, Surulere Local Government

Ojota Clover Leaf Bridge, Kosofe/Ikeja Local Government

Ogudu Bridge Kosofe Local Government

3rd Mainland Bridge Lagos Island/Mainland/Somolu Local Government

Maryland flyover Ikeja/Somolu Local Government

Ikeja/General Hospital flyover Bridge Ikeja Local Government

Kodesho Bridge, Oba Akran, Ikeja, Ikeja Local Government

Opebi Link Bridge, Ikeja Local Government

Sheraton-Opebi Bridge, Ikeja Local Government

Jibowu/Yaba flyover Bridge, Lagos Mainland Local Government

Carter Bridge Lagos, Lagos Mainland Local Government

Bariga-Ifako Bridge Somolu/Kosofe Local Government

Apapa – OShodi Expressway/Alapere Bridge Somolu/Kosofe Local Government

Bariga/Oworonshoki Bridge Somolu/Kosofe Local Government

Apapa – Oshodi Expressway/3rd Mainland Bridge Somolu/Kosofe Local Government

Apapa – Oshodi Expressway/3rd mainland Bridge Somolu/Kosofe Local Government

3rd mainland/Oworonshoki Bridge Kosofe Local Government

Eko Bridge Lagos Island/Lagos Mainland Local Government

Apongbon flyover, Bridge Lagos Island Local Government

Cowry Bridge (Officers Mess) Lagos Island/Eti-Osa Local Government.

McWen Bridge (Bonny camp) Eti-Osa Local Government.

Marina/Ikoyi Bridge Lagos Island/Eti-Osa Local Government.

Ikoyi/Obalende Bridge Eti-Osa Local Government.



Oba Ogunji Road

Old Abeokuta Road

Capital Road

Alfa Nla Road

Oko-Oba Road

Akilo Street

Agunbiade Road

Ogba Road

Ipaja Road

Maricas Road

Oyewole Road

Arigbanla Street

Dopemu Road

Oke-koto Road

Oniwaya Road

Adebisi Awosoga Street

Old Ota Road

Ijaiye Road

Akin Doherty Road

Amoo Street

Pen Cinema Round About

Surulere Street

Agbedeji Street

Ayige Street

Sule Street

Ashipa Street

Salawu Street


Baale Adeyemo Street

Mba/Cardoso Street up to Ota Wharf

Mobile Road Up To Boundary Road

Boundary Road – Aiyeke Bridge – Tolu Bus/Stop

Wilmer Crescent

Industry Road

Achapo Road/New Road

Idewu Street

Baale Adeyemo Road

Malu/Mobile Road

Ojo Road

Cemetery/Mosafejo/Alaba Road

Bakare/faro road


Creek Road

Wharf Road

Burma Road

Randle Road

Marine Road

Kofo Abayomi Road

Liverpool Road

Point Road

Park lane

Itapeju Avenue

Entire Network of Road in Apapa GRA

Dock Yard Road

Oduduwa Road

Ladipo Oluwole Road

Bonny Road

Commercial Road

Malu/Mobile Road

Warehouse Road

Orile – Igamu Road


Ipaja – Ayobo Road

Okoro Road

Egbeda – Idimu Road

Egbeda – Akowonjo Road

Iyana – Ipaja – Idimu Road

Idimu – Ipaja – Idimu Road

LASU – Iba Road

Ikotun – Egbe Road

Ipaja Road

Igando Road

Egbe – Idimu Road

Old Ota Road

Meiran Road

Ayobo Road

Ajasa/command Road

Baruwa Road

Liasu Road

Governor’s Road

Abaranje Road

Ijegun Road

Shasha Road

Baruwa/Aina Obembe Road

Adefemi Road, Ipaja

Go ye Road


Oshodi – Apapa Expressway

Durbar Road/Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Road

The Entire Network of Roads in Festac Town

Circular Road

The entire Network of Road in Zones A, B, C & D of Amuwo Odofin Low Cost Housing Estate

Old Ojo Road

Mumuni Adio Bodmus way

Lagos Badagry Expressway


Lagos Badagry Expressway from Eric Moore to Seme Road

Badagry Roundabout to Top Road

Joseph Dosu Road


Inner Marina

Broad Street

Nnamdi Azikwe Street

King George V Road

Idumagbo Avenue

Outer Marina

Adeniji Adele Street

Martins Street

Balogun Street

Odunlami Street

Ereko Road

New Balogun Street

Campbell Street

Breadfruit Street

Abibu Oki Street

Davies Street

Kakawa Street

Force Road

Oloto/Fasbery Road


Femi Agbalajobi

Ayetoro Road

Hospital Road

Marina Road

Central Mosque Road

Kasali Oluwa Street

Ekundayo Street

Lagos Road

Ijebu to Itoikin Road from Agbowa to Itoikin

Omu-Ijebu to Ketu Roundabout

Ketu Roundabout to Ejinrin Town

Ota Road

Olofin Road

Orungbo – Ido Road

Agbowa – Ikosi Road

Ketu Roundabout to Epe

Ketu Roundabout Itoikin


The entire Network of Roads and bridges in Ikoyi Obalende and Victoria Island Local Council Development Areas

Eti-Osa – Lekki – Epe Expressway


Ogunnusi Road

Lateef Jakande Road

College Road

Jonathan Coker Street

Iju Road



New Oko-Oba Road

Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway

Agbado Road

Baale Animashaun Road

Yaya Abatan Road


Lagos Ibadan Expressway (from Lagos Boundary to Lagos and Toll Gate)

Sheraton Link Bridge

Oba Akran Avenue

Obafemi Awolowo Way

Kudirat Abiola Road

Moboloaji Bank-Anthony Road

Lateef Jakande Road

Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive

Otunba Jobi Fele Way

Allen Avenue

Opebi Road

Secretariat Road

Mobolaji Johnson Road

Osho Street

Hakeem Balogun Road


Ashabi Cole Street

Toyin Street

Entire Ikeja GRA Road Network



Oduduwa Road

Isaac John Street

Alausa Secretariat Perimeter Road Network

Simbiat Abiola Road

Kaffi Street

Opebi Link Bridge

Ikosi Road

Adeniyi Jones Avenue

Entire Alausa CBO

Ladipo Oluwole Avenue


Olowu Street

Ola Ayindan Street

Unity Road

Armoire Avenue

Ijaola Street

Iyaoloye Crescent

Olu Akerele Street

Emmanuel Street

Odo-Iyalaro Underbridge

Olotunbosun Street


Ikorodu Road (from Mile12 to Ikorodu Benson Roundabout)

Ipakodo – Ibesha Road

Lagos – Ikorodu Express Road

T.O.S Benson Road

Oba Sekumade Road

Lagos – Shagamu Road

Obafemi Awolowo Road

Ikorodu – Itoikin Road

Igbogbo Road

Ayangburen Road

Alhaji Street


Alfred Rewane Road

Glover Road

Alexander Road

Awolowo Road

Bourdillon Road

Gerald Road

Osborne Road Estate 1 & 2

Lugard Avenue

Olu Holloway Road

Bayo Kuku Street

Oba Adeyinka Oyekan Avenue

Mobolaji Johnson Road

Club Road

Federal Secretariat Road

Thomson Avenue

Lateef Jakande Avenue

Moore Road

Oyinkan Abayomi Road

Maroko Close

Adeyemi Lawson Street

Femi Okunnu Road

Jabita Close

Onikoyi/Turnbull Road

Iru Close

Ajayi Bembe Street

Entire Park view Estate Road

Awori Road


HEP Road

Lawrence Road

Reeve Road

St. Gregory Street

Ribadu Road

Raymond Njoku Street

Okotie Eboh Street

Keffi Street

Norman Williams Street

Ilabere Avenue

Oloto Road

Ojora Road

McPherson Avenue

Olanijonyin Avenue

Owena Street

Agodogba Road

Moboloaji Johnson Road

Bedwell Road

Murtala Muhammed Road

Obalende Road

Toyan Street

Odo Street

Awolowo Road

Bankole Oki Road

Ademola Street

Turnbull Road

Cameroon Road

Yemi Cardoso

Banana Estate

Dolphin Duplex

Dolphin High Rise

Alhaji Kannike Street

Igbo Street

Moshalashi Street

Eleshin Road

Ajeniya Street

Dr Bode Olajumoke Street

Alhaji Bashorun Close

Alhaji Alade Odenewu Street

Aromire Close

Barrow Avenue

Olofin Street

Lalupon Street


Ogudu Alapere Expressway (from Toll Gate to 3rd Mainland Bridge)

Ogudu Road

Demurin Street

Alapere Road

CMD Road

Doyin Omololu Street

Davies Street

50 Metres from Ikorodu Road on Ikosi Road

Omololu Street

Diya Street

Williams Street


The entire network of roads and bridges in Lagos Island East and Lagos Island West Local Government


Herbert Macaulay Way

Barikisu Iyede Street

Murtala Muhammed way

Third Mainland Bridge

Ijora Causeway

Commercial Avenue

Old Yaba Road

Sabo Round About

University Road

Abule – Ijesha Road

Harvey Road

Montgomery Road

Onike Iwaya Road

Morocco Road

Aje Street

Musiliu Smith Road

Hughes Avenue

Birrel Avenue

Hussey Road

Oweh Street

Aggrey Road

Borno Way

Apapa Road

Jibowu Street

Iwaya Road

Okobaba Street

Cemetery Street

Freeman Street


Agege Motor Road (From Mangoro to Moshalasi Junction) Both

Fatai Atere Way(Okada Only)

Idi-Araba Street

Ilupeju Bypass(Both)

Itire Road(Okada Only)

Palm Avenue(Okada)

Ladipo Street(Okada Only)

Layi Oyekanmi Street(Okada Only)

Olateju Street(Okada Only)

Isolo Road

Ojekunle Road

Ilasamanja Road(Okada Only)

Ogunmokun Street(Okada Only)

Association Avenue(Both)

Kayode Street(Okada Only)

Town Planning Way(Both)

Coker Road(Both)

Post Office Road(Okada Only)

Mushin Road


Igbo Elerin Road

Lagos – Badagry Expressway

Iyana School Bus Stop at Ishasi Road

Oba Ayoka to Iba New Site

Alaba Int’l Market Raod

Olojo Drive

Ojo Igbede Road

Nepa Road

Ishasi Road

Abule Aka Road to Ajangbadi Road

Akoberu/Sabo Road

Itire – Ilogbo Road

Iyana Era – Ilogbo Road

Ajangbadi – Shibiri Road

Kemberi/Aka Road


Okota Road

NNPC road

Oshodi – Apapa expressway

Airport Road

Egbe Road

Ago-Palace Way

Isolo Road

Osolo Way

Abimbola Street

Ejigbo – Ajao Estate Link Road

Estate – Isheri-Oshun Road

Post Office Road

Oyetayo Street

Oshodi Road

Church Street

Afariogun Street

Sehinde Callisto Street

Mafoluku Road

Adeyemi Street

Ajibulu Street

New Airport Road


IKORODU EXPRESSWAY (From Mile 12 to Yaba Terminus)

George Street

Morocco Road

Market Street

Bajulaiye Road

Fola Agoro Street

Apata Street

Oguntolu Street

Pedro Road

Igi Olugbin Street

Ashagbon Street

Gbagada Road

St. Finbarr’s Road

Jibowu Street

Oweh Street

Issac John Street

Watchtower Avenue

Shylon Street

Shipeolu Street


Funsho Williams Ave

Adeniran Ogunsanya Street

Ogunlana Drive

Bode Thomas Street

Akerele Road

Itire – Ojuelegba Road

Tejuosho Street

Alhaji Masha Road

Itire – Ijesha Road

Ishaga Road

Eric Moore Road

Randle Avenue

Agbebi Street

Babs Animashaun Road

Ijesha Road

Enitan Street

Adeshina Street

Adelabu Steet

Adetola Street

Nuru Oniwo Street

Adekunle Kuye Street

Shaki Crescent

Oshogbo Street

Tokoso Street

Okotoa Link Bridge

Opere Street

Odichie Street

Olatunde Onimole Street

Brown Street

Agboyin Street

Agboyin Avenuew

Nnobi Street

Sanya Street

Opeloyeru Street

Kilo Street

Adetioye Street

Fasoro Street

Oladimeji Street

Ojuolape Street

Solabomi Street

Ogungbesan Street


Ahmadu Bello Way

Adeola Odeku Street

Kofo Abayomi Street

Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue

Ajose Adeogun Road

Idowu Taylor Street

Idowu Martins Street

Adeleke Adedoyin Street

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Deaf Nigerians Profile 015: A Deliverance Prayer Session Was Once Conducted For Me Together With A Mad Woman – Tope Olaniyi, DTAN, National President


Tope Olaniyi is the incumbent National President of Deaf Teachers Associaton of Nigeria (DTAN) and the immediate past South-West Zonal Coordinator of Nigerian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD). He is a native of Osun State, Nigeria.

Read the story below and share to inspire others:

In the year 1990, there was outbreak of mump infection in the house I lived in with my parents. Originally, a son of our landlord had mump, which my youngest brother contracted from him. From my youngest brother, my immediate younger brother got infected too and finally I contracted it. We were all treated with local concoction and we were healed of the infection. However, about a month after the incident, I woke up on a fateful Sunday morning and I was unable to hear. I had become deaf over the night. That day was July 29, 1990. I was in primary four then. Immediately, the hunt for solution began.

My parents took me to several prayer sessions. We participated in countless fasting and praying programs. A deliverance program was once conducted for me together with a mad woman. I was placed in a room together with this woman while being surrounded by prayer warriors at a particular prayer ground in Osun state. The mad woman was delivered of her madness but I remain deaf. I spent most part of my growing years following the occurrence of deafness looking for cure than in the classroom. With the persistence of the deafness, after two years, my parents grudgingly enrolled me into JSS1 at a Deaf school in Ekiti state. At some point in time, my parent sought medical assistance too to restore my hearing but all efforts proved abortive.

I was introduced to sign language at the Deaf school, but, not until in SS 2 did I started using sign language without shame. I discovered my Deaf identity and accepted my deafness. Following which I declared to my parents that I have had enough of solution hunting, let me have my sanity back!. Perhaps, it took me this long to discover myself because of the absence of a Deaf role model. My parents regarded my deafness as the greatest problem for them in life. Regardless, they showed me love and invested in my education while they hoped for a cure some day.

After my secondary education, I got admitted into Federal College Education (Special), Oyo State where I studied Business Education and Rehabilitation. During my first year therein, I secured another admission to the University of Ilorin to study Business Administration. I combined the two programs and shuttled between Oyo and Ilorin. I completed the NCE program while I bagged my B.Sc (Business Administration) two years afterward. I proceeded to the one year compulsory service in Ekiti State. Upon completion, I engaged in farming and business for a while before I secured appointment as a civil servant under Osun State Ministry of Education.

During my tertiary education programs, I was a member of Deaf Association in Ondo State and served as the president of Deaf Students Association at FCE(S), Oyo. During my youth service programme, I received the award for The Best Community Development Project, Ekiti State in recognition of the Building and Equipment of a mini Library for Deaf student in Ekiti state school for the Deaf, Ikere Ekiti. I engaged in freelance writing and I have authored a novel titled ‘The Deaf Boy tragedy’. I was awarded the ‘2009 Outstanding Person with Disability’ by Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Ondo State, in recognition of my writings.

The acceptance of my deafness and sign language usage has propelled me in the right direction to contribute positively to the development of my dear country, Nigeria.

BREAKING: Pipeline fire rages in Lagos

•Scene of the pipeline explosion. PHOTO: Vanguard

There is a raging fire at one of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, pipelines at Ekoro, Abule-Egba area of Lagos State.

Several properties are said to have been consumed.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the inferno was as a result of pipeline vandals who burst one of the oil pipelines in the area to siphon the product.

Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Fire Service, Mr Amodu, who confirmed the incident, said there was no casualty at press time. (Vanguard)

Disability Champion Award 2019: CCD honours TVC, Radio Nigeria, Prof. Odinkalu, Dr. Irene others


Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) as part of commemoration of the passage of disability act on Friday, 17th January, 2020 held the first award night to honour those who contributed immensely to ensure that we have a disability law in Nigeria.

Qualitative Magazine reports that the Disability Champion Award is a rewarding system CCD adopted which would be coming up every year to honour people who have been contributing in no small measure to the success CCD has recorded and what CCD is still doing in the area of National Disability Act.

Executive Director, CCD David Anyaele in his remark said that if not for the contribution of these outstanding individuals, we may not be celebrating today. The rights of persons with disabilities is vital because it provides opportunity where persons with disabilities can interact with others equally. He said that the 18 years struggle before actualizing disability act in Nigeria is worth celebrating and, in this celebration, we must recognize individuals who contributed in different ways from the advocacy to passage of the bill to the advocacy to the signing of the bill into law.

The event witnessed a panel discussion which involved seasoned disability and human rights advocates, Ezenwa Nwagwu, Barr. Okey Kanu, Theophilus Odaudu, it was moderated by Kie Obamalu. They discussed the way forward towards ensuring the implementation of the act.

The Permanent Secretary of SGF Olusegun Adekunle who was a special guest at the event in his remark reiterated his commitment to assisting the persons with disabilities towards the establishment of National Disability Commission but he said that he awaits the implementation strategy document which can aid his recommendations.

CCD graciously rewarded the following people for their outstanding contribution towards the passage and enactment of disability with Disability Champion Award of Excellence 2019.

Hon. Jerry Ugokwe, Member, 5th NASS in recognition of his effort in sponsoring the Disability Bill at the House of Representatives in 2004

Omueza Diana Orouvie, a Reporter, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in recognition of her outstanding print reportage on disability issues in the year 2019.

TVC Breakfast Show, in recognition of their outstanding visual media coverage of disability issues in the year 2019.

Omo Bazuaye in recognition of his outstanding reportage on disability issues in the year 2019.

Ruth Tent Natsa in recognition of her outstanding reportage on disability issues in the year 2019

Dr. Irene Ojiugo Patrick-Ogbogu, Disability Rights Advocacy Centre (DRAC) in recognition of her outstanding contribution in the passage of Disability Act 2018
Policy and Legislative

Advocacy Center (PLAC) in recognition of their outstanding support for the passage of Disability Act 2018.

Mr. M.D. Hassan in recognition of his outstanding technical support to the passage of the Disability Act 2018.

Prof. Chidi Anselm Odinkalu in recognition of his outstanding advocacy for the passage of Disability Act 2018.

Radio Nigeria in recognition of their outstanding audio reportage on disability issues in the year 2019.

Mr. Dawodu Sulaiman in recognition of his outstanding advocacy for the passage of Disability Act 2018.

SGF bows to PWDs’ protest, invites leaders for meeting

Persons with disabilities protesting with the Centre for Citizens for Disability (CCD) against alleged non-implementation of the Disabilities Act in Abuja …yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

By Matthew Ogune, Abuja

Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, was yesterday forced to invite the leadership of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) for a secret meeting after an hour of demonstration at his office in Abuja.

Mustapha’s message came when the PWDs insisted on scaling the fence into the building if he failed to come out of his office to address them.

Director of General Services at the SGF’s office, Umar Musa, who brought the message, appealed to the protesters to leave the main gate of the office, as the continuous siege to it was obstructing movement of vehicles in and out of the building.

Led by the Executive Director of Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), David Anyaele, the PWDs besieged the main entrance of the building to demand immediate establishment of a disability commission to address the needs of PWDs in the country.

The Guardian reported that President Muhammadu Buhari made the disability community in the country to heave sigh of relief when on January 17, 2019 he assented to the bill, which was made public on January 23.

Addressing newsmen during the protest, Anyaele accused the SGF of being a barrier to the full implementation of the bill, adding that non-implementation of the bill was holding over 25 million Nigerians with different disabilities down.

According to Anyaele, the Act provided for: protection of PWDs against discrimination and cruelty, access to public building, protection at risky situations and humanitarian emergencies.

He continued: “Also, the law provided for the right of children with disabilities to health, education, work and employment, right to drive, communicate, communal life, participation in cultural life and recreation.

“PWDs are giving the SGF 10 minutes to come out and address them. They will scale through the fence to see the SGF if he fails to come out.”

He asked the SGF to advise the president to set up a commission for persons with disabilities.

“From now till the next one week, we are asking Boss Mustapha to set up the commission in line with the provision of the discrimination against persons with disabilities.

“SGF is aware that we are coming. We invite him to come and explain to us why we should continue to suffer when the president has signed the Act.

“Last time, the SGF said he was not aware. Now, we are here to inform, educate and sensitise him on the provisions of the Act,” he added.

The outcome of the closed-door meeting between PWDs and the SGF could not be ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

BREAKING: Persons With Disabilities Protest In Abuja, Demand Implementation Of Disability Act


The protesters under the platform of Center for Citizens with Disabilities, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to expedite action and implement the disability act.

Irked by non-implementation of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act one year after it was signed into law, scores of persons living with disabilities have staged a protest in Abuja to call for its implementation.

The protesters under the platform of Center for Citizens with Disabilities, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to expedite action and implement the disability act.

Addressing journalists during the demonstration, Executive Director of CCD, David Anyaele, expressed displeasure at the lukewarm and insensitive attitude of government towards the implementation of the act.

The protesters INN learnt visited various government offices including Ministry of Justice and office of Secretary to the Government of the Federation to register their demands.

They vowed to inspect all public buildings to ascertain the level of compliance as contained in the act and threatened to shut down all offices yet to comply with the provision of the act.

The act prohibits discrimination against the persons with disabilities in public transportation facilities, including seaports, railways and airports, and compels service providers to make adequate provisions for them.

It also enforces their rights and privileges to education, healthcare, priority in accommodation and emergencies.

Saharareporter reported that President Buhari had on January 17, 2019 signed the bill into law following its passage by the National Assembly.

‘Soon, fuel will sell at N97 per litre,’ FG announces

Osinbajo helping out a petrol attendant at an Oando filling station in Lagos

With just N97, Nigerians can get a litre of fuel in the coming days.

The Federal Government says a plan is in motion to provide alternative fuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), that would cost between N95 to N97 per litre.

PulseNG reports that the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, disclosed this while addressing journalists in Abuja on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

He noted that CNG has undergone a pilot project in Benin City with over 10,000 vehicles already running on it.

With CNG, Sylva said that the cost of fuel will reduce to about N97 per litre.

“What we have decided is that we should try and give the masses an alternative. That will be to move the masses to CNG.

“CNG cost less than the subsidised PMS. Per litre, the subsidised rate of the PMS is N145 per litre. CNG will cost about N95 to N97 per litre,” the minister announced.

While stating that Nigerians would never experience fuel scarcity again, Sylva expressed optimism that the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) will be passed before May 29, 2020.

NASS will work for establishment of Disability Commission — official 


The National Assembly will ensure that the National Disability Commission is established by the president in accordance to the provision of the National Disability Law, an official of NASS has said.

Clerk, House Committee on Information Jekop Dan-Alih gave the assurance on Thursday in Abuja at an experience sharing forum with committees of the National Assembly (NASS) and line ministries, departments and agencies.

Represented by Mr Yakubu Ayatu-Kadin, Dan-Alih said that the commission was imperative to the implementation and enforcement of both the transitioning and non-transitioning provisions of the law.

Also, Mr Yakubu Argungun-Mohammed, Clerk Senate Committee on Youth and Sport Development, noted that the commission would be placed under the appropriate committee for the purpose of oversight.

In his remarks, Mr Mustapha Sadiq, Clerk House Committee on Human Rights, said that whether there was a budgetary provision or not for the commission, it was paramount to ensure its establishment and the effective implementation of the law.

He noted that existence of the commission would guide stakeholders on ways of collaborating and partnering for the effective implementation of the law.

He also assured the public that the commission would be properly placed under an appropriate committee for over sight.

Dr Fatima Waziri-Azi, Rule of Law Advisor in the office of the vice-president, advised Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Organisations of PWDs (OPDs) not to relent in lobbying, engaging, advocating and pushing for the establishment of the commission.

According to her, if the commission is not established and the content of the law is not implemented or enforced, the law will only be a paper type of law.

“ Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) and other OPDs should engage stakeholders, pay courtesy visits to relevant agencies, write letters and make proposals.

“When everyone is saying the same thing, I am sure the president will do the right thing by setting up the commission because it is a very vital step to the operationalisation of the act,’’ she said.

She, however, advised CCD and OPDs not to focus only on the federal law, but to push for the domestication of the law at state levels.

Waziri-Azi reiterated her commitment to supporting the movement for the establishment of the commission and the implementation of the law by offering tangible assistance, granting access, and giving advice.

Mr David Anyaele, Executive Director of CCD, appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to justify the enactment of the law by establishing the commission as prescribed by the law.

This, he said, would reduce the frustration and the burdens on the lives of Nigerians with disabilities.

He decried that one year had gone since the enacted of the law and that more would be lost, if nothing was done to bring the law to live.

Odunayo Bolarinde, a representative of the Federal Ministry of Justice, urged agencies to considerately look at the disability law and its content from a humanitarian aspect.

He also urged line ministries, departments and agencies to have recourse to the ministry by giving advice, making recommendations and making budgetary proposal also to NASS in conjunction with the ministry.

Nigeria News Agency reports that the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018, also known as National Disability Act, was passed by the 8th session of the National Assembly.

It was assented to by Buhari on Jan. 17, 2019 and made public on Jan. 23, 2019.

The act contains provisions for establishment of National Commission for Persons with Disabilities to address complaints of harassment, discrimination and harmful practices, among others.

It also contains provisions that ensure people with disabilities in Nigeria are protected against discrimination and harmful treatment, cruelty and inhuman treatment, access to public building, protection at situation of risk and humanitarian emergencies, among others.

The forum was organised by Centre for Citizens with Disabilities to commemorate the first year anniversary of the passage of the Discrimination Against Persons with Disability Act 2019. (NNN News)

Abducted Deaf girl falls victim of accident, Deputy Governor funds her medical expenses


A deaf girl whose name is yet to be known and who is not well known to the community of deaf people was involved in an accident which occurred in Kogi State on Tuesday, 14 January, 2020.

INN gathers through a source that the deaf girl is not from kogi as claimed by some people but from Imo state and that the said girl is not known to the deaf community in Imo State till after the accident occurred.

INN also gathers that the girl before the accident was abducted by one Deaf man, Emmanuel Bethel.

Information available to INN said the accident got to the knowledge of the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja which spurred him to pay for her medical expenses after she sustained injuries from the accident.

The truck involved in the accident was said to be owned by Dangote cement company and they compensated her for the accident. The driver of the truck was said to have escaped and the police had to drive the trailer to the nearest police station.

INN gathers that a group of people who learnt about the accident said they will confirm the abduction from the deaf man, Emmanuel Bethel before dealing with him later when the deaf girl get healed.

If you know her, please help in contacting her family.

Some photos of the accident and the girl