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Disability Commission pledges support for MBDGN

by Inclusive News Network

The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) has pledged support for Africa’s most populous nation’s Deaf beauty pageant – Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria (MBDGN).

The team and organizers of Nigeria’s premier Deaf beauty contest paid an advocacy visit to the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) on 14th July, 2022.
The visit, apart from advocacy, was intended to solicit support for the upcoming Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria pageant holding in Abuja this September.

Mrs. Janet Fasakin, organizer of the beauty contest, speaking on behalf of the visiting team, commended the Commission’s good works and its redefinition of the word “Disability.”

Fasakin noted that other than showcasing fashion, glamour, and beauty, the MBDGN contest aims at bringing to public awareness issues bedeviling the Deaf community and at same time projecting Deaf women and girls in positive light to the world.

Her words: “we want to promote deaf rights by using the instruments of fashion, beauty, and glamour. Those are our tools to drive awareness and advocate for Deaf rights in our society.”

The Disability rights advocate further pointed out that the team seeks to promote the recognition and adoption of sign language as an official language in order to boost deaf rights and dignity. She says the MBDGN event shall be sign language-oriented to showcase the beauty of Deaf Culture.”

Fasakin also emphasized the removal of age limit to accessing quality education by the deaf child. She advocated that only professional teachers of the deaf should be employed in special schools for the deaf.

The MBDGN group advocates for Deaf Culture, access to Healthcare services, political inclusion, economic inclusion, amongst others for deaf women and girls.

According to Fasakin, the sheer magnitude of the task before her MBDGN Team requires collaboration and support from the National Commission to ensure success.

While thanking the Commission for its favorable response Mrs. Fasakin noted that the World Deaf Pageants ( Miss and Mr. Deaf World & Miss and Mr. Deaf International) has been around for some twenty-two years. Sadly, Nigeria never participated.

She however expressed delight that this year will be an exception as Nigeria will be participating. Fasakin is hopeful of bringing the crown home with support from Disability friendly organizations like the NCPWD.

Responding to all that has been said, the Executive Secretary, NCPWD, Hon. James Lalu who was represented by Mr. Idemudia Lawrence, Director of social integration, assured the visiting MBDGN team of the Commission’s support.

“The NCPWD will collaborate with organizers of the MBDGN to ensure the project is successfully accomplished.” He said.

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