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Sign-A-Thon: Young Deaf Nigerian Attempts Gunniess World Record For Fastest Time To Spell ASL Alphabet By An Individual

by Sejoro Ekundayo

Young Deaf Nigerian, Enensi Emmanuel Effiong, also known as Alan Emmanuel is attempting to win a Guinness World Record for fastest time to fingerspell the American Sign Language Alphabet by an individual with a time set for 4.30 seconds.

The challenge is a competition of the fastest fingerspellimg called “Hot Fingers”, a competition Emmanuel named “Sign-A-Thon”.

The current holder of British Sign Language and World Sign Language is Thomas McWhinney with the fastest time to spell British Sign Language Alphabet for 4.7 seconds in London, UK. McWhinney won the record on 23 August 2008.

According to Guinness World Records, the time may vary depending on the Sign Language, however, there is no previous record holder for the fastest time to spell the American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet.

And since Emmanuel is going to spell the dactylology of a Sign Language using ASL, this means even if he doesn’t achieve his aim within the time frame to win the World Sign Language and break McWhinney’s record, he could still win a record for the fastest time to spell American Sign Language Alphabet by an individual.

In a statement made available to Inclusive News Network, Emmanuel disclosed that he applied for the challenge four weeks ago and Guinness World Records has now granted him green light to go for the challenge.

Emmanuel Effiong Enensi is a student of the prestigious Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt in Rivers state. He is currently in his sophomore year studying Guidance Counseling and Special Education.

He is the current Deputy Senate President of National Association of Nigerian Deaf Student. He is also a passionate volunteer with some NGOs and Disability organizations and a reporter with Inclusive News Network. He is a Disability and Deaf Rights Advocate.

Emmanuel said “On 23th September 2023, during the month of International Week of the Deaf, i will embark on an incredible journey of creativity. I will attempt to sign”.

He plead with everyone to join him in breaking boundaries, unleashing imagination, and setting a new record.

“But i cannot do it alone.” He said

“I am looking for sponsors to help make this historic event possible. By supporting me, you’ll not only be part of a record-breaking achievement but also contribute to the promotion of sign language and the rights of millions deaf people in Nigeria and by extension Africa.

“With your financial support, you will be a champion of inclusion and equal participation in society. Sign language is an important tool for achieving accessibility, respect, support, and sustainable development for deaf people.
It’s is a sure win-win for all of us.” He said.

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Nehemiah S. Daret June 28, 2023 - 7:46 am

He is well known to me, I wish him good luck


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