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Kogi: Stakeholders Pledge Commitment, Justice For Aisha Aminu, Other Victims with Disabilities

by Inclusive News Network

The Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association convened an online stakeholder meeting on Thursday, 13th of July 2023, focusing on the pursuit of justice for Aisha Aminu. The roundtable discussion, held under the agenda “The Death of Aisha Aminu: Progress Made and Future Course of Action,” brought together a diverse group of participants committed to advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. During the meeting, various stakeholders shared updates, expressed concerns, and pledged their support for Aisha Aminu and the disabled community at large.

In a statement made available to our correspondent, the meeting had commenced with an opening remark by, Comr. Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem, the Chairman of the Kogi Central Persons with Disability Association, that emphasized the deep concern surrounding the brutal murder of Aisha Aminu. Comr. Abdulhakeem narrated the incident and expressed the collective anguish felt by the entire community of persons with disabilities in Kogi Central and Nigeria as a whole. His impassioned speech set the stage for the subsequent discussions, underscoring the urgent need for justice and solidarity.

A security agent in attendance provided an update on the arrested perpetrator responsible for Aisha Aminu’s murder. The security agent shared information regarding the progress made in the investigation and outlined the next steps in the pursuit of justice. This update brought a sense of reassurance to the participants, knowing that measures were being taken to hold the perpetrator accountable and ensure the safety of the community.

Lois Auta, CEO of the Network for Women with Disabilities, addressed the meeting, expressing her organization’s commitment to supporting the children affected by Aisha Aminu’s tragic demise. Auta assured the participants that her organization would utilize all available resources and leverage its influence to support the children and seek justice for Aisha. Her words provided hope and reassurance, reinforcing the participants’ belief in the collective effort to attain justice.

Bilikisu Yakubu, the Acting National Coordinator for advocacy for women with disabilities Initiative AWWDI, highlighted the support provided to the case since the incident occurred. She acknowledged the significance of continuing to support the pursuit of justice for Aisha Aminu and promised additional efforts to ensure a fair resolution. The participants expressed gratitude for the continued support, recognizing the importance of national coordination in their quest for justice.

Hon. AbdulAzeez Asadullah Ahmed While commending the security agency and relevant stakeholders for their effort and role played so far since the incident occured, faulted the society for subjecting persons with disabilities especially women with disability to second-class citizen with the level of discrimination, stigmatisation and stereotype which left women with disability with no choice than to endure and accept wrong men and unhealthy relationship since their self-esteem has been battered. Asadullah continued by adding that a powerful resolution should be reached by all the stakeholders present in the meeting to show high sense of commitment towards ensuring that Aisha Aminu get the Justice she deserves and that such incidents never occur again in the community of persons with disabilities. His submission triggered Lady Yvonne jack , CEO of spinal cord injury of Africa SCIA to promise to create a platform where women with disabilities will be trained and sensitise on how to identify unhealthy relationship and also advocate for unsympathetic love for women with disabilities.

Barrister Yusuf Iyodo and Barr. Deola Obalola, representing Association of Lawyers with disabilities and legal department of the Kogi State Office for Disability Affairs respectively, pledged their commitment to providing legal backup for Aisha Aminu’s case. They assured the participants that they would employ their expertise and resources to ensure justice is served and the rights of persons with disabilities are protected. Their involvement brought a sense of reassurance, knowing that legal professionals were actively engaged in pursuing justice for Aisha.

Dr. Godwin Oyibo, President General of the Ebira People’s Association, made a commitment to partner and work with persons with disabilities in Kogi Central. He pledged to create an affiliate within his organization to ensure the inclusion of the disabled community in all activities. Dr. Oyibo’s commitment demonstrated the importance of fostering a sense of community and promoting inclusivity in every aspect of society.

In conclusion, the online stakeholder meeting conducted by the Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association served as a powerful platform for seeking justice for Aisha Aminu. The participants, including Comr. Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakim, Lois Awuta, Hon Abdulazeez Asadulah Ahmed, Yvonne Jack, Liman Usman, Bilikisu Yakubu, Barrister Yusuf Iyodo, Barr. Deola Obalola, and Dr. Godwin Oyibo and many others, showcased their unwavering support for Aisha’s cause. With their collective efforts along with the assistance of Hon. Ahmed AbdulKareem Onimisi, the pursuit of justice for Aisha Aminu and the rights of persons with disabilities received a renewed sense of purpose. The meeting exemplified the power of collaboration and solidarity, offering hope for a future where justice prevails and inclusivity thrives.

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