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Queen Dr. Halimat Adenike Tejuosho; A Woman of Virtue and Unrivalled Compassion for the Poor and Disabled

The country Nigeria is one that is divinely and uniquely blessed with a handful of compassionate, commuted and outstanding individuals, personalities and institutions that have over the years, being impacting and continued to impact positively on the lives of majority of poor Nigerians, especially the downtrodden and Citizens with Disabilities.

One such outstanding personality that has continued to shower compassion, love and affection to the less privileged specifically the persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria is without mincing words HRM Queen Dr. Halimat Adenike Tejuosho, the founder and CEO of Queen Adenike Foundation, a multicultural humanitarian foundation that is setting the pace in the field of humanitarian activities in Nigeria and making life more lively and meanunful for the PWDs and other vulnerable groups in the country which is anchored in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed administration.

Quite interesting, while His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been busy with the delivery of democratic dividend in the key sectors of the country’s political and socio-economic arena, HRM Queen Dr Halimat Adenike Tejuosho has also busied herself complimenting the laudable efforts of Mr. President through several socially responsive humanitarian projects and programmes that she had initiated and implemented in different parts of the country that have served to uplift the welfare and wellbeing of Nigerians from all walks of life- most especially the women, widows, youths, artisans, PWDs and other vulnerable citizens who are economically and socially disadvantaged and who disproportionately bear the brunt of the general economic downturn afflicting the nation. These, she had done, and is still doing unabetted even though she was not a government appointee. One may imagine what this super woman would have achieved if she was the minister of humanitarian affairs under the president Tinubu led administration, which the majority of Nigerians within the nooks and cronnies of the country were overwhelmingly in support, and believe due to her uncomparable humanitarian records that speak for itself and is nationally and internationally acknowledged.

In the eyes of every patriotic Nigerians, Dr. Halimat Adenike Tejuosh cut a picture of the most compassionate, credible and competent hand to oversee the day-to-day activities of humanitarian ministry as a federal minister under the president Tinubu administration.

If the current government is actually ready to eradicate poverty, if the government is genuinely serious about ending hunger, if the government actually mean business to ensure the inclusivity of PWDs in governmental policies and programmes so as to give them a sense of belonging, then the right channel to follow to achieve all the above is to appoint this outstanding humanitarian, an accomplished philontrophist and a seasoned educationist as the undisputed Minister of Humanitarian Affairs so that she can bring to bear her experience to drive the desired socioeconomic changes through transforming lives, eliminating hunger and eradicating poverty in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President.

The kindhearted “mother of the poor and needy” (as she was fondly called by the PWDs) was known to have possessed a compassionate heart, a cheerful, disarming and humble disposition that is visibly manifested in the manner she spent valuable time, energy and abundant resources in fashioning out novel and creative projects that would cater for the wellbeing of the poor Nigerians by assisting them freely in the areas of health, education, skills acquisition and the provision of funds and equipments to start up smsll-scale enterprises after receiving adequate training in various relevant field of human endeavors.

Nonetheless, her vision for a united and prosperous Nigeria where the majority of the Nigerian citizens including the most vulnerable poor and PWDs are self-reliant, industrious and resourceful in the sense that they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the country and become actors responsible for their own lives, be it in the agriculture, fishing, farming and other forms of entrepreneurial ventures is second to non. This, indeed is a thing that earned her countless number of accolades, both within and outside the country. In fact her recent recognition as one of the 50th most impactful CEOs that contributed to the growth of Nigeria’s GDP awarded by the Guardian Newspaper is a clear testament to her being a woman of undisputed virture and unrivalled compassion.

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Rosemary Ojobo July 15, 2024 - 12:38 pm

Well done queen mother. God bless your kind gesture towards Persons With Disabilities. I’m a deaf lady and I have a deaf daughter who is 10 years old.


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