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NNAD 2024 Elections; Why Dr. Chidi Deserves A Second Term

by Inclusive News Network

Hon. Dr. Chidi Topaz Olujie, the incumbent President of Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) is without mincing words, a square peg in a square hole. Today in Nigeria, Deaf Community in particular and the entire Persons with Disabilities (PWD) community at large, whenever Dr. Chidi’s name is mentioned, it resonates and receives huge recognition essentially due to his uncommon calibre, vast leadership acumen, experience in handling Deaf affairs when it mattered most as well as massive simplicity and the immense contributions he has rendered and is still rendering towards the overall growth and development of NNAD in all facets of life.

In his nearly four years of stewardship as NNAD President, Dr. Chidi has transformed the Association to enviable heights through various people-oriented policies and programs executed by his administration. An administration that commits itself to making positive and valuable impacts on the lives of Deaf Nigerians from all angles. Never in the history of NNAD have we witnessed tremendous development in key areas of life such as education, health, youth development and agriculture. Its Dr. Chidi’s first tenure that comes up with various initiatives that have direct bearing on the life of a common Deaf man on the street such as creation of Deaf in agriculture platform, merging of Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the first of it kind, ‘national youth and women summits, education summit, capacity building training for NNAD national leaders, peacebuilding and conflict reconciliation among different conflicting NNAD branches among other strategic programmes and policies not mentioned here due to space constraints.

Its therefore a great retrogressive to our collective conscience and humanity if we didn’t acknowledge the gentlemanly qualities possessed by Dr Chidi and the efforts he has made and is still making to ensure our dear NNAD is great again, Dr. Chidi more than deserves our mandate for the second time as he is the man suited to drive NNAD’s revolutionary ship to the promised lands.

Driven by an almost missionary zeal throughout the past three and a half years of his stewardship as NNAD’s President, to ensure the overall political, economic and social liberation of Deaf Nigerians from all walks of life, a steadfast Chidi has without mincing words abided by his campaign promises to use elective office to the best of his ability to bring about massive developments in the living conditions of Deaf Nigerians. This, he has consistently pursued to the fullest, working round the clock to make life better and more meaningful to all Deaf Nigerians irrespective of tribal, regional and religious sentiments.

With Dr. Chidi at the helm of affairs of NNAD, we believe that somehow a liberator has come to rescue the entire Deaf Nigerians from dwindling fortunes and move NNAD on a sure path to political stability, economic prosperity and fuller societal inclusion. Dr. Chidi is a blessing to Deaf Community, he is a catalyst for NNAD’s revolutionary growth and development and thus deserve a second term from all of us.

To be continued….


Marindoti Afeez March 23, 2024 - 9:03 pm

Am in interested

Hadiza haruna March 24, 2024 - 7:55 am

Yes that is true spoke Dr chidi has brought many development and community to NNAD and it seems h has helped all deaf in Nigerian to wakeup and joining together for successful to Allah insha Allah dr chidi topaz olujie and Haruna Muhammad will be second time

Shafaatu Ibrahim March 25, 2024 - 12:00 pm

Thank you


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