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Association Seeks Disability Commission’s Intervention on Civil Service Recruitment

by Inclusive News Network

Following the agitation that broke out today 25th June, 2024 at the premises of the National Commission for Persons With Disabilities, by the Association of Technology Inclined Visually Impaired Persons of Nigeria, demanding for employment and the overall welfare of its members, the Executive Secretary, NCPWD, Dr. James David Lalu has swung into action to address the complaints.

In his speech, Lalu assured the group of the Commission’s readiness to address all their concerns, stating that as soon as the employment waiver is given by the appropriate sector of government, “those who are qualified will be engaged accordingly”

The Executive Secretary further disclosed that the Federal Civil Service Commission will be required to give adequate representations of the employment status of Persons with Disabilities as provided in the Discrimination Act (2018).

Dr. Lalu equally seized the occasion to reach out to the Director in charge of waivers approval in the office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation for updates on the approval process.

The leader of the Association, Mr Aluko Tolulope, highlighted the many challenges being faced by members of the Association due to the current economic crunch .

Aluko alleged that the Civil Service Commission has commenced employment and Persons With Disabilities are not being carried along in the process.

Part of the issue tabled before the Executive Secretary was the quagmire around the POS distributed by the Commission earlier last year.

However, the empowerment had a package of 100,000 Naira each for the beneficiaries with the POS machine which had become a source of income for some of the families of Persons with Disabilities.

Aluko stated that the service providers had demanded some additional payments from operators.

However, the issue was resolved through a telephone conversation to the parties involved. And further to that, the Executive Secretary disclosed that the waiver for employment was last approved in 2022, and assured the group that it is the desire of the Commission to make sure that persons with disabilities are well situated.

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