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Zamfara Special School Loses Computer Lab To Fire Accident

by Inclusive News Network

A Special School in Zamfara has lost computer laboratory to accidental fire outbreak.

The accident has resulted in the complete destruction of their computer lab which had sets of computers, and several other valuable items belonging to the school.

The incident drew the attention of Zamfara state governor, Dauda lawal and promptly led the governor to visit the scene and sent delegates to gather reports and make recommendations.

INN reports that the school was just introducing computer programming and robotics training to the students through Deaf Technology Foundation two months before the incident.

A statement released by the foundation lauded the governor for his swift response.

“This swift response is commendable and a step in the right direction. We sincerely hope for a quick and effective implementation of measures to restore the computer lab, allowing the Deaf students to actively participate in technology education once again.

“The students, many of whom were using a computer for the first time, were eager to apply their newfound skills. The principal had made a commitment to ensuring all students have access to the lab, but the recent incident has dealt a devastating blow to their ability to practice and continue learning.”

The foundation calls for support in spreading awareness and potentially contributing to the recovery efforts.

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