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WhatsApp launches campaign to help business owners reach more customers

by Inclusive News Network

WhatsApp, a messaging and video calling app owned by META Platform, said it had launched WhatsAppreneurs campaign to assist business owners in Africa to reach more customers.

The Public Policy Director for Whatsapp Africa, Balkissa Siddo, said this in a statement on Tuesday.

Siddo said the campaign would highlight the stories of Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners in Africa and help them learn more about growth opportunities available with the WhatsApp Business app through a virtual educational webinar.

The policy director said: “Across Africa, SMB owners are using the WhatsApp Business app to develop their businesses, showcase their products, close sales, and connect with their customers.

“The WhatsApp business app provides a tool to help businesses thrive in their markets, reach more customers, and grow their businesses consistently.

“We are delighted to be a part of the success stories of small businesses that are so important to communities across Africa.

“As SMBs represent a sizable percentage of the economic population demonstrating great potential for growth, opportunity creation, and overcoming poverty post-pandemic, there is a need to provide support through digital tools to help them scale.”

The policy director said the WhatsAppreneur campaign served the purpose of providing the resources businesses needed to unlock their growth potential and help build a more resilient, inclusive, and empowered society.

Siddo said, in addition to helping businesses grow, the WhatsApp business app would also provide an opportunity for businesses to create a much deeper and stronger relationship with their customers.

Siddo said the app was free and allowed users to create a business catalogue on WhatsApp that could be viewed by users from anywhere.

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