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Subsidy: Edo PWDs Frown Over Hike In Fuel Pump Price

Urge Social Security Mechanism To Cushion Effects Of The Hike

by Sejoro Ekundayo

Edo State Persons with Disabilities have expressed anger over hike in fuel pump prices and high cost of living over planned removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.

The chairman of Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD), Edo State chapter, Ann Ojugo, who spoke to our correspondent, regrets that Persons with disabilities are the worst hit by the recent increase in fuel pump prices.

According to Ojugo, the hike will restrict PWDs’ movement as transporters have increased transportation fare.

“The adverse effect of this is that it increases poverty rate amongst Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), increases dependence on family members, and street begging.

“The government should always think of the negative effects some decisions will have on the PWD communities before taking action on some issues.”

The chairperson appealed to the Federal government to look into this decision and reverse it, or put in place social security mechanism to cushion the effects the fuel hike is having on PWDs across the country.

“If there must be removal of fuel subsidy. The plight of PWDs and the vulnerable in the society must be taken into consideration through the provision of social security and enough time should be given to enable everyone prepare for it. Not this fire brigade approach.” She said.

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