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Stop aiding criminality, IG warns persons with disabilities

by Inclusive News Network
Inspector general of police Usman Alkali-Baba

From Okwe Obi

The Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali Baba, has warned persons with disabilities to desist from aiding criminality.

Alkali Baba stated this yesterday, at the 4th Anniversary of the passage of the Disability Act, which was organised by the Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), and entitled: “2023 General Elections and Beyond: Creating The Future We Desire for Citizens with Disabilities.”

Represented by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration, and Operations Department, Force Headquarters, he said: “Several times we have seen situation where those that are disabled are incorporated with criminals. Several of them have been arrested.

“I could remember a long time in Lagos and Delta States, where the lame was the one hiding guns for the criminals. CCD needs to meet with their people and sensitise them against such an act.”

He added: “I am very sure that the present administration has done everything possible to make sure that there is a cordial relationship between the Nigerian police and the disabled community.

“There is a standing instruction that in every command that if there is a complain from any disabled community the police will act swiftly. But we have not received any complain.

“As regards employment of disabled people is relative in the police force. I am very sure that they are disabled people in the Nigerian police force. Although they may not be in operation department.”

Meanwhile, CCD’s Executive Director, David Anyaele, said the centre would continue to monitor the manifestos of presidential candidates and hold them responsible.

Anyaele expressed concern that most of them have not spoke on their plans for persons with special needs.

“We are not adopting any candidate or party. However, we are monitoring what they are saying and what they are not saying.

“Regrettably the front line political parties are not telling us what they want to do for the country. They are busy gossiping calling themselves name.

“The political gladiators should tell us what they want to do to move us from this poverty situation where over 133 million Nigerians are poor.

“We have looked at their manifestos and it is watery. One does not even have a manifesto. We are going to do a greater work on them,” he said.

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