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Stakeholders set to address issues affecting PWDs in Nigeria

by Inclusive News Network

In commemoration of the International Day of PWDs, stakeholders in the private, public, and civil society sectors are set to address issues affecting Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria.

The address will be made at the eighth annual disability dialogue and Disability Inclusion and Leadership (DIAL) awards which will be hosted by Project Enable Africa.

The event themed “Unifying Efforts for the Implementation of the Nigerian Disability Act” will be held in Abuja on Friday, 1st of December 2023.

The DIAL awards recognize, celebrate, and reward the individuals and organizations championing disability inclusion across Nigeria. This year, the DIAL Awards will celebrate the individuals who played critical roles that led to the Act.

The event is intended to accelerate the thorough implementation of the Discrimination against PWDs (Prohibition) Act in Nigeria.

The main purpose is to direct the unified energies of stakeholders towards evoking progress and ensuring that the Act provisions translate into concrete outcomes that positively impact the lives of PWDs across Nigeria.

The goal is to foster, nurture, and sustain cross-sector partnerships that are instrumental in disability inclusion advancement within Nigeria.

As part of the event, a documentary titled “Once Upon a Movement” will be screened. The video was produced in partnership with Columbia University in New York to highlight the individuals, organisations, processes, and advocacy efforts that led to the Nigerian Disability legislative framework.

This documentary screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring notable speakers including the executive secretary to the disability commission, James Lalu, JONAPWD National President, Abdullahi Aliyu Usman and Andrew Mamedu, the country director of ActionAid.

The event is supported by the British Council, the Joint National Association of PWDs, and the National Commission for PWDs.

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