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Skyewise Group Hosts Most Beautiful Deaf Girl In Nigeria

by Inclusive News Network

The Skyewise Group, a prominent Organization which offers world-class investment opportunities and services to individuals and corporate bodies across the globe recently played host to organizers of the Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria (MBDGN).

The visiting team, led by Mrs Janet Fasakin were there to appreciate the leadership of the Group for the good work of making their services available to all – including Persons with Disabilities. The Skyewise leadership was also commended for the group’s role in advancing sustainable economic growth and financial opportunities.

Janet Fasakin, chief host of the the MBGN pageant, while speaking on behalf of the team noted that the real aim of the MBDGN initiative is beyond fashion, beauty, and glamor.

In her words, “ we are using these as tools to drive advocacy for the rights of Deaf Women and Persons with Disabilities. We also aim to bring to fore, the plights of the Deaf community.

Fasakin went on to enumerate some rights the MBDGN group is advocating for. These include: promoting of Deaf Culture, adoption of sign language as an official language of the Deaf, access to health care services for Deaf women and girls, economic inclusion, Political inclusion, amongst others.

A warm reception was given the team by Mr. Oluwaseun Odidi, General Manager, Skyewise Group.

Odidi pledged support for the MBDGN cause. In his remark, he reiterated his commitment and pointed out that the Skyewise Group also has a Foundation focusing on social, and humanitarian services”

Odidi, while applauding the MBDGN initiative, urged them to keep to their promise to crown one of the competition’s winners “face of Skyewise Group”.

The MBDGN Team, on its part promised to keep their words as stated in the project proposal submitted to the Skyewise Group.

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