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Sign-A-Thon: Emmanuel congratulates John Obot for breaking Guinness World Record for read-aloud marathon

by Sejoro Ekundayo

Enensi Emmanuel Effiong has congratulated John Obot for breaking Guinness World Record of the longest marathon read-aloud event.

Obot broke the 124-hour mark set by Rysbai Isakov, an Indian who previously held the title, by clocking 145 hours.

Obot started reading on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at Cityview Hall (Letters House), Watbridge Hotels & Suites in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, by 1 pm after some technical hitches with equipment and power failures that invalidated his initial attempt of over 45 hours.

After reaching the 145-hour mark on Monday, September 18, 2023, an excited Obot declared that he would continue reading until 10 pm Monday and thanked everyone present for the support.

In a congratulatory statement seen by Inclusive News Network, Enensi Emmanuel Effiong, who is attempting to break Guinness world record for the fastest time to fingerspell the American Sign Language Alphabet by an individual with a time set for 4.00 seconds, praised Obot for his tenacity and unyielding spirit, he said “your unwavering strength, resilience, and sheer stamina in the face of adversity are truly commendable. It’s awe-inspiring to think that despite encountering challenges at the beginning of this challenging endeavor, you persevered and even had to start over after already reading for 50 hours.

“Your dedication to this feat is a testament to your determination and unyielding spirit. You’ve also inspired us all to reach for our goals with the same level of tenacity and passion.” He said.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel, a Nigerian Deaf individual who like Obot, is from Akwa-Ibom, has announced postponement of his Guinness World Record attempt, the reason for the postponement is yet unknown.

While apologizing to his fans and supporters for any inconveniences this may have caused, he assured that the new date would be communicated as soon ass possible.

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