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Sesi Advocates for Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

by Inclusive News Network

Hon. Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan , the Member representing Badagry Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, has called for equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities, emphasizing that “Disability should never be seen as inability.”

The dynamic and youthful lawmaker conveyed this important message on November 8, 2023, during the inaugural meeting of the House Committee on Disability, where he serves as a dedicated member.

Hon. Sesi raised significant concerns regarding the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, particularly in the realms of education, employment, access to social amenities, and infrastructure. He highlighted the obstacles faced by people with various disabilities, even within the National Assembly complex. In response, he called for comprehensive equal treatment for individuals with special needs throughout the nation.

During the meeting, Hon. Sesi proposed proactive solutions to address these disparities and promote inclusivity. He urged increased attention and consideration for individuals with disabilities across all levels of society. Furthermore, he recommended the introduction of a motion for equal treatment for individuals with special needs in both state and national assemblies.

In addition, he advocated for live telecommunication broadcasts of national and state assembly proceedings, complete with sign-language interpretation, ensuring individuals with disabilities have an equitable opportunity to engage in the democratic process.

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