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PWDs To Take Legal Action Over Alleged Non Inclusion By Tinubu

by Inclusive News Network

The Community of persons with disabilities have given president Bola Tinubu a seven day ultimatum to appoint persons with disability into the ministerial cabinet, failing which they may be forced to explore other means like protests and legal action.

The appointment from their community, they say, will create a platform for the needs of persons with disabilities to be attended to in the public domain.

President Bola Tinubu sent 47 ministerial nominees from the 36 states of the Federation including the FCT to the National assembly for screening and approval.

Of these 47 Persons nominated by the president, none is from the community of persons with disabilities.

These representatives are here to express their grievances over the President’s decision.

They say, the list falls short of section 29 of the discrimination against persons with disabilities Prohibition act which provides for a minimum of 5 percent appointment quota for persons with disabilities at all levels of government, including states.

They want the president to ensure the immediate appointment of one of them into a ministerial position, failing which else they may be forced to explore other means.

They also call for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the palliative committee on subsidy removal.

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