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NCPWD Plans Data Collation To Harmonize Disability Research Projects Across Nigeria

by Inclusive News Network

The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) has said it is planning a program that would enable it coordinate Disability based research projects across the country.

The commission, launched by President Mohammadu in 2020, was established with the aim of promoting an inclusive society for Persons with Disabilities through research, advocacy, engagement, mainstreaming, policy development and enforcement.

The commission has over the years organized series of events aimed at promoting rights of Persons with Disabilities, preventing discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, and to making every one of them have equal rights and opportunities like their counterparts without disabilities.

In a statement signed by Akinbola Olanike, Head of Development, Partnership & Programs, the commission announced:
“As part of this event planning and broader aim of updating its database of organizations involved in disability research in Nigeria, invites all institutions, agencies and organizations collecting disability data or conducting any form of disability research in Nigeria to provide brief information on what they do and areas they are covering by completing a form provided by the commission.”

A link was provided by the commission for those interested in registering with the commission.


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