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Missing deaf man found alive after six months

by Inclusive News Network

By Ambrose Ologide

A young male deaf, Anthony Boyi, a native of Isoko, 21 years old and a resident of Kwale that was declared missing on 16th August, 2022 has been found alive in Benin City, the Edo State capital on 11th January, 2023.

Anthony Boyi’s uncle, Godspower Umukoro spoke to Delta State News Bulletin.

He narrated how his nephew mysteriously got missing on that fateful day and that efforts to find him were unsuccessful.

Umukoro narrated also that his younger sister, Mrs Ochuko Boyi (the mother of Anthony Boyi) gladly informed him through the telephone that she was informed by a family friend that she (family friend) saw Anthony Boyi roaming about in a street in Benin City, Edo State on her way to Lagos on 11th January, 2023.

Umukoro narrated further that based on this information, her younger sister and other family members immediately went to Benin City where they actually found the missing deaf young man alive and brought him to their Umusete residence in Kwale.

He was found with injuries in one of the arms and legs and he has been brought from Benin City, Edo State to Delta State.

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