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Meet Comrade Musa Inuwa, A Multi-award Winning Politician With Disability

by Yusuf Mohammed Lawan, Gombe

It’s common occurrence here and there to see Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) throwing thorny stones against certain members of the society for what they often perceived as a deliberate discrimination and unjustified exclusion in political participation. But the story is quite different to one Musa Inuwa, an indigene of Niger state who has seen it all as far as political participation is concerned.

In this piece, INN correspondent examines the various political journeys and accomplishment achieved by the young, vibrant and courageous politician of note.

Comrade Musa Inuwa was born to the family of late Alhaji Muhammad Inuwa Ishaq (Dan Darman Zazzau Suleja) in Suleja local government, Niger state. He lost his hearing ability in the year 2010 due to protracted illness. This misfortune, however, did not hinder him from obtaining quality education as he battled from front to front to ensure he obtains an NCE certificate in Special Education from the prostigious Federral College of Education (special), Oyo.

Since then he has rose to become the current National Disabled Leader of APC under the aegis of APC National Youth Ambassadors. As if that was not enough, he also held countless positions on PWD affairs from various political associations and network across the country.

Due to his myriads of contributions in mobilizing the youth for APC that lead to it’s resounding victories in Niger state in particular, and the country at large, especially the youth with disabilities, he was recently rewarded for his countless service to the ruling party’s excellent performance by a political group known as ‘Coalition of Zone B APC Youth’ under the chairmanship of Comrade Jameelu Saleehu.

INN reports that the coalition of Zone B APC Youth is a political group that mobilize citizens of Niger state zone ‘B’ to endorse best candidates and to assist in promoting and propagating candidates manifesto to the all local governments across the state including grassroots to support and vote for the ruling party APC.

Responding as a worthy recipient of the coveted award, Comrade Musa Inuwa says the award is very dear to him and can spur him to do more in politics.

“This award is very much important for me and my personal development and journey in politics”

He also told INN correspondent in a telephone chat that the Coalition of Zone B APC Youth as a political association does its inclusion by welcoming PWD to contribute their political ideas and strategies. I very much appreciate and thank the members for giving me a huge love and cooperation.

” I cannot believe that I deserve such enviable award standing out of many other members but I accept it as it recognises my contributions and inspires me to work harder to fulfill the aim and purpose journey. This will surely inspire other PWD to participate in politics to balance the equality in the society and also inculcate politicians and top public officers to open their arm welcoming PWD in politics and be aware that PWD can contribute largely to the society in term of economic, education and politics. This is to authenticate the well known phrase that “there’s ability in disability”.

INN reports that, the Comrade, has achieved a lot in his capacity as a representative for PWDs in all the political groups he belongs. He has so far achieved a lots in the derive to ensure the youths and especially youths with disabilities participate actively in politics.

Among the myriads of political activities he organized many times in honour of Tinubu/Bago/313 group include the conduction of press conference to disseminate to the good people of Niger East vision and Mission of Tinubu/Bago/313 campaign movement, mobilizing persons with Disabilities from various LGA across the state to appoint APC chairmen for each cluster of disability, almost all LGAs had chairmen through election/consensus, drawing the attention of APC key officials to receive and recognize the active participation and presence of disabled people during rally/ campaign to showcase their loyalty and endorsement, donating 40 books of American sign language to the Niger state school for Special Education Minna on behalf of Tinubu/Bago/313, among others.

As a result of Comrade Musa’s tremendous contributions particularly in mobilizing disabled members nationwide to cast their votes to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor of Niger state Bago and Senator 313 which led to their victory at the poll, these can be the reasons that he deserved this enviable award.

It was gethered that apart from this recent award, the young, vibrant PED politician of note has received several awards to his credit the award from APC Youth Stakeholders forum on 15 July, 2023 at Shehu Musa Yar’uda center Abuja, which was presented to him as a result of his tremendous contributions and efforts in mobilizing persons with disabilities nationwide to endorse President Bola Ahmed Tinubu which led to his victory at the just concluded election this year was a prime example of such awards.

While reacting to the development in a telephone chart with INN Correspondent, the APC Disabled Leader who was very excited for being singled out for such important recognition said he was very happy to be recognized for what he did.

“I am the only one out of 36 state including FCT among disabled members who received such award.This is indeed a proud to my state, Niger state”

“I feel very encouraged by this recognition and am happy to hear that my efforts are recognised. This will only push me to do more”

He added, “I have no regret for being a member of APC, I’m fully respected by people in politics as they always carry me along in their assignments to allow me to make my contributions”.

“I appreciate APC and everyone who contributed in one way or the other to my political journey and I wish this kindness will be exceeded. Kindness is the tool that PWDs feel like they are not in any other worst conditions”

” Thank you for the recognition of my tremendous contribution towards APC Youths engagement and selfless service to humanity and presented awards to me by deputy chairman” he concluded

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