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Lalu Reiterates Commission’s Commitments To Critically Evaluate Policy Documents By Solidarity Centre

by Inclusive News Network

In accordance with the recent signing by Nigeria to the United Nation’s convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities on International Labor Organization, the Executive Secretary, National Commission for Persons With Disabilities, Mr James David Lalu has reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to making the research work by Solidarity Center a policy document of the government.

He made this known recently in Abuja, as he received in audience members of the Trade Union Congress- women Commission.

He informed that there have been several fora held to review the meagre 5% employment demand in the face of partial compliance by the public.

“It is rather unfortunate that some organizations still find it difficult to give the portion provided by the 2018 Disability Law to Persons with Disabilities” he said.

Lalu equally acknowledged efforts by some civil society groups who have taken it upon themselves to continually agitate for the affirmative action in the interest of Persons With Disabilities.

“I specifically appreciate the Solidarity Center for their research analysis on the Decent work Program by ILO recently” he stated.

The ES further mentioned that the Commission would form a Taskforce in order to critically evaluate the work.

He also used the medium to assure the group that their findings will be followed -up in order to get the attention of the Federal Government.

On the efforts put in place to achieve the special allowance of disabilities, the ES stated that he is optimistic and would continue to go through the process since there is a new administration in place.

Additionally, Lalu informed that the five -year moratorium would elapse by 16th January, 2024 after which no organization or individual can claim ignorance on the minimum accessibility standard.

However, the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress-women Commission, Comrade Hafsat Shaibu in her earlier remarks pointed out that NCPWD is central to the follow up research that would be conducted to ascertain the level of adherence to the prescribed working conditions for Persons With Disabilities at the next ILO congress.

Hafsat also elaborated that Persons With Disabilities carry more financial burden and should be given substantial allowance to cater for their aids and Assistive Devices so as to make life easier and better for them.

The high point of the meeting was the presentation of the research findings on working conditions for Persons With Disabilities to the Executive Secretary.

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