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Lalu Receives Albino Foundation, Says Partnership Will Improve Political Participations Of PWDs

by Inclusive News Network

The Executive Secretary, National Commission for Persons with Disabilities  Mr. James David Lalu  today, 5th September, 2022 in his office received in audience a delegation from the ALBINO foundation and declared that the synergy between the Commission and the Foundation will accentuate the political participation of PWDs across the country.

Speaking at the meeting, the Executive Secretary described the visit as a  platform  that  will promote visibility and  inclusion of Persons with Disabilities especially during voting exercise.

” This is an opportunity to  continue to negotiate our inclusion and also  determine  who occupies  positions of authority in the interests of Persons with Disabilities.”

Mr. Lalu reaffirmed that Voter-Ability is an important  platform for PWDs to  demonstrate their  strength in the polity.

The Executive Secretary commended  the projects intended by the Foundation with support from European Union and informed  that it is in line with the Commission’s mandate and vision.

He, therefore, promised  to give  maximum  support to the  programme while  ensuring its total success.

According to him, Sign language has come to stay and will be given express  attention.

“It is interesting to note that  there are diverse sign languages in  Nigeria and this had compelled the Commission to  produce the  sign language  dictionary as a guide for seamless  interpretation for the  deaf community.

We have equally  gone a step further to  facilitate the National  policy on sign language” he explained.

The Commission boss further reiterated the Commission’s commitment to fighting skin cancer through various  intervention programmes.

Lastly , the  Executive Secretary  informed that signing of the MOU will be facilitated very soon so as to commence the project execution process.

Earlier in his address, the founder and CEO, ALBINO foundation, Mr Jake Ekpelle unequivocally announced that the Executive Secretary   is the right man for the job. He subtly acknowledged the resilience and passion demonstrated  by the ES over the years in addressing  Disability- related  matters.

“I have seen the genuineness of James Lalu and I have  no doubt about his competence.” He said.

Ekpelle took time to reel out the projects outlined by the Foundation and seized the occasion to solicit the cooperation of the Executive Secretary.

He said that part of the project intended include: voter-ability, Elect-ability, Elect- Hub which is tech- based targeting about 100- 150 PWDs to be elected during 2023 voting exercise.

Another  important factor he spoke about was the establishment of a  Data center for PWDs which carries  an application  to get an on the spot capacity to report the events during  electioneering.

According to him, Sign  language interpreters have  become essentials in the  Disability community and  will be incorporated in the  legislative process at the National  Assembly.

The high point of the visit was the presentation of the  5- year strategic plan of the  Commission to the CEO, ALBINO Foundation by the  Executive Secretary.

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