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Kenyan builds sign language interpretation mobile app for the deaf

by Inclusive News Network

A KENYAN, Luke Kizito has built a mobile application called ‘assistALL’ to help deaf people interact online.

According to IT News Africa Kizito designed assistALL as a sign language interpretation mobile app to help with online interactions between deaf people and businesses, banks, employers and hospitals.

“It (assitALL) is a combination of words ‘assistive platform for all’ as it connects sign language interpreters with businesses, employers, banks, hospitals, among others when serving the deaf,” Kizito said.

assistALL app for the Deaf

The app functions on per-second billing – users can credit money into translators’ wallets using M-Pesa, Visa or PayPal before receiving interpretation services virtually.

“Interpreter downloads the app when on data, select language and country, register details to create a profile and specialisation (area good for your interpretation),” he added.

Kizito stated that through a video call, interpreters use sign language for the deaf and voice users. At the end of the call, interpreters get paid according to the time spent on the call via the per-second billing.

The app is accessible on many android devices.

Currently, the company has few people working on the project and has aspirations to grow to 500 interpreters.

“And also the cost is very low, as low as Sh30 ($0.26) per minute and one interpreter can serve many deaf people at the comfort of his/her home,” Kizito said.

He noted that “assistALL plans to grow in Africa and beyond and also develop a visually impaired model”.

So far, the project has gotten funds from the United Nations Development Programme Kenya (UNDP-K) through the disability innovation challenge and also from the GSMA innovation fund.

Kizito also owns Signs Media Kenya Limited featuring Signs TV, a television station that broadcasts in sign language.

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