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Introducing The Disability Champions Series

by Inclusive News Network

If I have seen further than others, It is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants – Isaac Newton

Newton’s quote underscores the importance of learning and drawing wisdom from successful people who have gone before.

This success principle cuts across all fields of human endeavors.

Of course, everyone wants to be successful. Yet not everyone is privileged to the luxury of a “one on one” meet with the Giants (yeah, the Disability Community has got Giants – here at home and abroad) who have gone before.

Fortunately, figuratively speaking, we can do the shoulder climbing from distance – and get a better view of the journey to success.

We can draw much learning and inspiration from studying the life stories of these selected heroes – past and present – with whom we have at least three things in common – our shared humanity, our owned disabilities, and our cherished aspirations. That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of these series that will be published fortnightly.

As project manager of this noveau “Disability Champions” series, I have chosen the “human story” path because nothing beats it when it comes to learning life’s vital lessons.

We all love the human story.
It gives an interesting, entertaining and concrete edge to assimilating otherwise abstract themes within the success narrative. Often, these abstract themes require much analysis, inferences, deductions, etc to understand. The human story method simplifies the process.

What’s more? In these exciting series, we have made the human story approach much more simpler through a distinct blend of analytic, creative, and inspirational writing style to arrive at our aim.

Through research and interviews, we seek to zero in on core principles, sage advices and definitive moments of selected veterans, giants, and achievers of the ubiquitous Disability space to create inspirational learning encounters for those who are coming behind.

The ultimate goal? To pave the pathway for a brighter trajectory towards reaching our dream Elysium as human beings – our disabilities notwithstanding.

NB:The Disability Champion Series is a Collaborative Project by Jibore Foundation and Inclusive News Network

Yours Sincerely,
Ogheneruemu Alexander

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Joy April 23, 2022 - 5:29 am

Awesome one, keep the flag flying


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