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Imo Deaf Group lauds Uzodimma, pledges support for re-election bid

by Inclusive News Network

The APC Deaf Support Group has commended the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, for massive transformations and human capital developments in the state within the last four years. The group also pledged their support for the governor’s re-election bid come November, 2023.

The Chairman of the group Mr. Uwakwe Kingsley said “Senator Hope Uzodimma has touched every aspect and sectors in Imo and the deaf not being left out by the renovation of the Imo State Secondary School for the deaf, among others”.

In a communique signed by the leaders of the group, Mr. Uwakwe Kingsley, Coordinator, Mr. Madu Sochineme, Secretary, Mr. Ndukwu Uche, Youth Leader, Mrs. Chukwuemeka Akuoma, Woman Leader, congratulated the governor on the landslide victories and pledged absolute loyalty and unwavering support to ensure his victory in the forthcoming gubernatorial election come November, 2023.

Mr. Ukwakwe also used the opportunity to plead with the governor to incorporate them into his campaign council so they can sensitize their large members in the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State on the need to vote for Governor Uzodimmas reelection bid.

In his words, “Frankly speaking, we have great number of members across the 27 LGAs in Imo State that have Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and are ready to participate fully in the political campaign/rally ahead of November 2023 election”.

He also made some request for persons with disabilities and specifically the deaf in Imo, as this will further increase their love and resolve to solidly stand by His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma. These include; Approval of Disability Bill, Appointment of Deaf persons into the governor’s cabinet and restoration of Deaf House which has been demolished by ENTRACO and OCDA recently as according to them, the demolition caused them, no permanent place for meetings, church services, vocational training and others for the deaf people in Imo.

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