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IDPD: Katagum Deaf Women demand equal right, employment and sign language interpreting service

by Inclusive News Network

By Umar Saleh, Bauchi

Deaf Women Association in Katagum Local Government of Bauchi state has called on the Bauchi State Government and Local Government to ensure equal rights for women with Deafness, including providing employment opportunities, empowerments as well as political representation at state and local levels.

This was even as they specifically called on State Government to consider it a developmental process by ensuring inclusion of Deaf Women and make sign language interpreters and signages available in public places.

The Chairperson Maryam Aminu Udubo made this call on Sunday in commemoration of the 2023 International Day for Persons with Disability Celebration in Azare the headquarters of Katagum local government.

Udubo said: “Our major challenge is communication. No interpreter in hospital, no interpreter on television to pass news and more. Another issue is lack of employment for deaf women, no empowerment tools for those who had hand skills. Like tailoring, hairdresser and so on.

She also said “We want total inclusion of the Deaf women in all the government sectors. We want the government to intervene and give our Deaf women graduates a job. We want the government to provide interpreters for us in hospitals and other sectors.”

“The government should employ graduates, particularly Deaf women to reduce them from becoming victims in the area of violence because most of them stay in violent areas and homes due to the fact that they can’t take care of themselves. The government should empower non graduates Deaf women with equipments to enable them earn a living” she said.

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