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How Sickle Cell Disorder Can Cause Hearing Loss –Medical Doctor

by Yusuf Mohammed Lawan, Gombe

A professional medical doctor who is also a sickle cell survivor (warrior), Dr. David Owoeye, has in the course of raising public awareness on the dangers posed by the dreaded sickle cell anemia, revealed how the sickle cell disease can affect the normal functioning of the ear and subsequently results in the hearing loss.

The medical expert identified two types of hearing loss which according to him are conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss caused by the dreaded sickle cell amenia.

He said, “sickle cell disorder causes sensorineural hearing loss, This I knew from medical school”.

According to him “sickle cell warriors are at risk of deafness also known as hearing loss. But it occurs gradually”.

“I think it has to do with the blockage of blood supply to the vessels of the inner ear just like sickle cell blocks small blood vessels to affect every organs of the body”.

Dr. Owoeye also stated in one of his social media posts to raise public awareness about the dreaded sickle cell disease, that his recent research on the disease has equipped him with the new knowledge and experience.

He noted “but recently by experience after routine check up, the peculiarity about sickle cell disorder is that it is a disorder of the blood, the red blood cells” .

“So, any where that the blood travels to in the body can be affected by sickle cell disorder which causes sickle cell crises, complications, and (known and unknown) conditions.

To tame the tide of the dangerous aliment, the professional medical guru calls for more collaborated, increased and knowledge-oriented research on the field of sickle cell in order to contain its persistent threats to public health.

He said, “this is why there is the need for more research and resource allocation to sickle cell disorder, to help prevent and detect sickle cell complications and conditions early, to treat sickle cell crises, complications, and conditions, to improve the clinical outcome of a sickle cell warrior, and to improve the health and quality of life of a sickle cell warrior”

In order for members of the public to be more informed and acquire adequate knowledge and information about sickle cell disease and its attendent consequences, Dr. Owoeye listed two important books for the members of the public to make efforts to read for their own safety and benefits.

The two books “A Life with Sickle Cell Anemia” and “We Will Survive” were originally authored by Dr. Owoeye as part of his generous efforts towards enlightening the general members of the society especially the sickle cell warriors themselves, caregivers, researchers, academics etc.

INN reports that the books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Okadabooks, and Selar.

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