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Hon. Chidi On The Brink Of Fulfilling Campaign Promises.

by Yusuf Mohammed Lawan, Gombe

The ability to fulfill campaign promises especially one made directly to the electorates is not an easy task. It takes so much courage, character, strength and miracles to fulfill campaign promises one made to his followers or subjects. In fact the ability to deliver as you promised is one of the essential assets that keeps a leader endeared to his followers and fans.

The ability to fulfill campaign promises by a leader tends to engender mutual respect, love, trust and affectionate loyalty between the leader and the followers, especially in an association as diverse as the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf, (NNAD).

Since being elected as President of NNAD, Hon. Dr. Chidi Topaz Olujie (Majidadin Kuramen Arewa) has been tirelessly working round the clock to deliver the juicy dividends of his campaign promises, he made to the Nigerian Deaf Community. Prior to the presidential election, 2020 that produced him as the youngest president ever in the history of NNAD.

One of such promises, Hon. Chidi made to the Nigerian Deaf community if they elected him as President is to bring the World to Nigeria. Such expensive promise has partially been fulfilled with the recent visit of Gallaudet University to Nigeria to support NNAD in improving Deaf education and promoting local sign language in Nigeria, all thanks to Hon. Dr. Chidi Olujie’s gigantic efforts.

Impressively, the great leader is not done, he has more rewarding plans to seeing that the world comes to Nigeria. Efforts are being made toward hosting the mega World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Congress by 2027 in Nigeria. This, he is pursuing vigorously with every energy and resources from him and his Administration.

In a statement signed by the NNAD’s National Publicity Secretary, Abdullahi Ismail Ibrahim, the Publicity Secretary disclosed that, in a bid to bring the world to Nigeria, NNAD National Headquarters are very pleased to inform you that the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) proposal that was prepared by the WFD committee has been completed and submitted before deadline.

“Conversely, the WFD bidding fee of 1,000 euro has been paid by the NNAD under the indefatigable leadership of Hon. Dr. Chidi Olujie in order to make the event successful.”

“However, you should all join hands to pray hard for us to be eligible to defend our bidding at South Korea next year as we therefore, solicit for your prayers in seeing that we win the bidding.”

Responding to the question by Inclusive News Network (INN) correspondent, on whether the efforts to host the WFD’s congress is in line with the earlier promise to Nigerian Deaf Community, Dr. Chidi said, “Yes, it is an effort to fulfill the campaign promise and it shall be completed by God’s grace.”

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