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Group urges Govt to promote policies and laws that address PWDs’ needs

Seeks high-ranking political appointment for blind Women

by Sejoro Ekundayo
Women with disabilities on wheelchairs

Eagles Voice, a not-for-profit initiative, has called on government to promote policies and laws that address the needs of persons with disabilities, including blind and partially sighted women in Nigeria.

The Executive Director of Eagles Voice, Miss Oluwakemi Odusanya made the call in a press release, she signed in commemoration of the international women’s Day.

Odusanya urges the government to consider blind women for ministerial or high-ranking political positions and to encourage their participation in elections for the House of Representatives or the national assembly.

She encourages media organizations to hire blind women and to create an accessible work environment. Print and radio are professional sectors that are fully accessible for educated persons without sight, and blind women should be given equal opportunities to excel in these fields.

“we call on public communities to promote gender equality and to address chauvinistic attitudes towards women, which often result in the exclusion of blind women. It is time to recognize the potential and contributions of blind and partially sighted women in Nigerian society.

“Let us all work towards a Nigeria where blind and partially sighted women take up leadership roles in influential positions such as politics, corporates, and media.

“Together, we can create a more inclusive and integrated society that benefits all.” Odusanya said.

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