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Foundation Trains 120 Teenagers with Disabilities on Concept of Puberty and Personal Hygiene.

by Inclusive News Network

Karisma Abilities Foundation has trained over 120 teenagers with disabilities on the Concept of Puberty and Personal Hygiene in Lagos.

The first of its kind programme organised by the foundation was held at Ikeja High School, on 2nd November, 2022 with the theme, My Disability, My Puberty.

The Executive Director, Veronica Uwajeh disclosed that the training was necessary having carried out personal research and observations and discovered that most Teenagers with Disabilities do not know the names of almost all the genital parts of the body and most Girls with Disabilities do not know how to calculate their Menstrual Cycle, nor understand the concept of Puberty.

Uwajeh, who is also the Proprietor of Karisma Inclusive School, enlightened the Teenagers with disabilities on Personal Hygiene Practice, with various teaching aids; including; shaving sticks, sanitary pads, roll-on and so on, in other to help the students understand the importance of maintaining Personal Hygiene.

Mrs Akhere Akran, an award winning Advocate for Person with Disabilities, Educationist and Executive Director of Agatha Obiageli Aghedo Memorial Foundation, one of the Facilitators, taught the Teenagers on the concept of Puberty, Early Stages of Puberty and how to deal with the challenges that comes with Puberty.

Mr Samuel James, Chairman of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters, Southwest, Executive Director of Seams Deaf-Pro Foundation, one of the Facilitators at the event, trained the students on Sex and Responsibilities.

According to him, “those who should be engaged in Sexual intercourse are only those who are fully ready to take up the responsibilities that comes as a result of Sex.”

He explained that the Teenagers at this stage of their lives are not capable of the aftermath of sexual intercourse and thus, should abstain from Pre-marital Sex.

The event was climaxed with entertaining dance show by Deaf Can Dance Crew. Over 50 exercise books were disbursed to deserving students.

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