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Foundation, BIC improve access to education for 155 children with disabilities

by Inclusive News Network
Local Government Primary School 1, Igando Lagos

By Ngozi Egenuka

Bothered by the terrible state of schools for children with disability, BIC, in partnership with Raising Star Africa Foundation has concluded renovation on a block of three classrooms in Local Government Primary School 1, Igando Lagos.

Prior to the renovations, it was observed that a per centage of the pupils were absent from school as the infrastructure didn’t adequately cater for their needs.

The renovated building has availed 155 children with disabilities access to education and skill empowerment. This building will stimulate 90 per cent increase in attendance in the 2023/2024 academic session.

Founder, Raising Star Africa Foundation, Michael Showunmi, stated that by 2025, there is projection of 60 per cent increase in enrollment of students with disabilities to the school.

He stressed on the need to empower children with disabilities so they can become self reliant and contribute their quota to the society.

“We believe that every child can give value to the society irrespective of their disability. In Africa, children with disabilities are stigmatised and marginalised to the extent that their schools are dilapidated reducing their access to quality education.

“There are many abilities in any disability. We need to see the person before the disability. Every child matters and every child can contribute to the GDP of a nation when given the right environment to thrive just like the way BIC has given our children with disabilities in Igando the right environment to thrive on,” he said.

The total renovation includes construction of ramps for accessibility of wheelchair users, floor tiling, changing doors and windows, television set for audio-visual learners, new classroom furniture and roofing.

Business Development Manager, BIC, Adeyemi Ojo, said “this project is a way to show BIC’s commitment to inclusion of persons with disabilities and we will continue to promote inclusive education around the globe”.

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