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“Don’t shut your eyes” to Needs of People with Disabilities, Catholic Archbishop to Nigerians

by Inclusive News Network

Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama of Nigeria’s Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja has called on the people of God in his Metropolitan not to be indifferent to the plight of persons with disabilities.

Speaking to ACI Africa on the sidelines of the 32nd edition of the Annual Special Easter Monday National Celebration in honor of people with disabilities which the Sir David Osunde Foundation organized, Archbishop Kaigama also called on the government to empower persons with disabilities.

“We urge all with means, please don’t shut your eyes to the plight of persons with disabilities. They need us,” the Nigerian Catholic Archbishop told ACI Africa on the sidelines of the Monday, April 1 event where 1500 persons with disabilities received mobility and hearing aids.

He added, “If you can just take five people, ten people, and be good to them, provide for them, we can do a lot for this physical challenge in this country.”

“We pray that we will have many more people inspired like Sir David Osunde, and they will take this challenge of reaching out to the neighbors or those in need without discrimination, without any marginalization,” Archbishop Kaigama said.

He continued, “You can see both Christians and Muslims benefiting from the donation of wheelchairs, walking aid and other gifts given to our brothers and sisters without any form of discrimination, that is the way to go especially in these difficult economic realities in our country.”

The Archbishop of Abuja called on the federal government to give more support to the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

Also speaking during the April 1 event, John Cardinal Onaiyekan insisted that the government through the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs must do more in touching the lives of persons with disabilities.

One of the beneficiaries, Joshua Peter appreciated the foundation for providing him with a wheelchair.

“For two years I have been crawling on the ground but with this wheelchair I can now move comfortably especially when going to school. I had to stop going to school but now I can go back there,” he said.

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