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Disability Commission Launches Palliative Distribution Program in FCT

by Inclusive News Network

In a bid to alleviate the challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) launched its much-anticipated palliative distribution program today.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Executive Secretary, Mr. James David Lalu, aims to provide essential provisions to 200 PWDs, marking a significant step towards inclusivity and support for the marginalized community.

During the flag-off ceremony held at the commission’s headquarters, Mr. Lalu announced the contents of the palliative packages, which include 5 kilograms each of rice, beans, sugar, and salt, accompanied by cooking oil. This holistic approach ensures that beneficiaries receive not only sustenance but also the means to prepare nutritious meals.

In his impassioned address, Mr. Lalu emphasized the unwavering commitment of the NCPWD and the broader administration led by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to champion the rights and welfare of PWDs. The palliative distribution program is just one facet of NCPWD renewed efforts to combat discrimination and promote inclusivity across all sectors of society.

Furthermore, Mr. Lalu outlined the commission’s forward-thinking strategy to address the accessibility and affordability of assistive devices. By advocating for local production, the NCPWD aims to empower PWDs with the tools they need to lead independent and fulfilling lives, breaking down barriers to participation in various aspects of society.

This palliative distribution program is part of a broader array of inclusive initiatives by the NCPWD. Last year, NCPWD enrolled PWDs in a health insurance scheme and provided empowerment opportunities through training and financial support. Such efforts underscore the holistic approach adopted by the NCPWD to uplift and empower PWDs across Nigeria.

As the palliative distribution program sets sail, the NCPWD reaffirms its commitment to leave no one behind in the journey towards a more inclusive society. Through concerted efforts and collaborative partnerships, the commission aims to pave the way for a future where PWDs are not only supported but celebrated for their invaluable contributions to the nation.

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