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Deaf Man Calls Out Family Relatives For Selling Ancestral Building

by Inclusive News Network

A Deaf man, Mr. Isaac Awonuga, has called out family relatives for attempting to sell a building inherited from their forebears in Ijebu-ode, Ogun State.

In an interview granted INN, Awonuga recalled that he was born and grew up in that house.

According to him, I had seen a “not for sale” sign on the house before it was repainted after my father died back then.

“After my father died in that building in 2009, I was still living with my mother in that house. I grew up to understand that the house is for the family and not for sale. Both my grandfather and father also grew up in that house and we don’t have any intention of selling the house. My grandparents had worked hard to secure the house for us. So the house belongs to Awonuga family.

INN reports that the relatives have put up the house for sale, triggering anger among the Awonuga family.

Isaac however has urged the relatives not to sell the house. According to him, the house is very important to his family and can be useful even to children of relatives in the future.

He revealed intentions to renovate and beautify the building in honour of his grandmother, step mother and parents who all died in that building, accommodating family members who have no home.

“My grandmother was still alive when I was born in that house. So family relatives selling the house indicate disrespect for my father’s wish. The house should be reserved for my father’s children.

Pictures of the building put up for sale

Isaac threatened to file court action if the house is ever sold.

Speaking further, he said, “my grandmother, step mother and parents had died in that house. I would rather keep the house in their honour. My mother died 2 years ago and this house is a property left us by our parents.

“The house must not be sold till I come back to Nigeria to renovate it”, Isaac insisted. When the house is renovated, relatives and family members who don’t have a home of their own can stay there for free. This place can provide the needed accommodation for them.

Continuing, Isaac wondered where relatives finding it difficult to pay their house rents will find a place to lay their heads if the house were sold.

“Since we lost our parents, our relatives are supposed to be our comfort, sadly they are letting us down.”

Awonuga who has been in the United States of America for the past 8 years added, I have always had plans for my grandmother’s house, I wanted to renovate the house in honour of my grandparents during the Muslim ileya festival.

“We should look at renovating the building and not sell it. I understand some people want to sell it because of money but it doesn’t have to be that way, our deceased family members deserve all the honour they can get.” He said.

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