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Deaf Graduate Expresses Gratitude To Mother For Farming To Fund Her Education

by Inclusive News Network

Bilkisu Ibrahim, a young Deaf woman hailing from Kachia Local Government in Kaduna state, shared her educational journey, highlighting the unwavering support she receives from her mother.

Despite facing the challenge of deafness, Bilkisu pursued her education up to university level, thanks to the support, sponsorship, and encouragement her mother gave her.

Bilkisu recounts losing her father during her university studies, but instead of giving up, she found strength in her mother, who tirelessly worked on the farm to sustain her education, despite her advanced age.

During her NYSC passing out parade, Bilkisu penned down a heartfelt message to her mother, expressing deep gratitude for her sacrifices and dedication throughout her academic journey.

In her message, she humbly thanked her mother for always prioritizing her needs, fostering confidence and passion in her to work hard and pursue her dreams without limitations. She expressed immense gratitude for her unwavering support over the past four years, acknowledging herself as fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive mother.

“Dear Mom, i am humbled and grateful for the sacrifices you have made throughout my academic journey. Your selflessness and dedication have paved the way for my success. Thank you for always putting my needs before your own and for providing me with the best possible opportunities. I am forever indebted to you. It seems like yesterday that we drove up to Rochester for freshman year. Thank you for always supporting me and being there for me over the past four years. You have fostered confidence and passion in me to hard work and pursue my dreams with no boundaries. I am so lucky to have you. May Dad continue to rest in peace,” she wrote.

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