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DEAF-E³ – Advancing the Interpreting Profession

by Inclusive News Network

The second Deaf-E³ Interpreter Working Group (IWG) Symposium was held in Abuja from November 5 to 9, 2023. The symposium offered the IWG an opportunity to come together to continue to build on a common understanding of shared values, intent and impact of our decisions and behaviours, strategies for supporting successful communication and access, and building trust and collaborative efforts across Deaf-hearing teams.

All of these concepts support how interpreters apply the Interpreter Code of Ethics and work within the Deaf community.

The Abuja Association of the Deaf supported the Deaf-E³ team as the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for a community interactive dinner on the event’s first night. The evening provided a unique opportunity to come together, network, and discuss common topics of interest.

The dinner included members of the Deaf-E³ and DDW team; IWG participants; members of Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) and Abuja Association of the Deaf (AAD); representatives from the National Commission for People with Disabilities (NCPWD), Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria (ASLIN), Educational Sign Language Interpreters Association of Nigeria (ESLIAN), and Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD); Gallaudet University alumni; the Principal of Abuja School for the Deaf, Kuje; and Deaf community members.

Ayoade Beyioku-alase, Chairman, AAD

Mr Ayoade Beyioku-alase, Chairman of AAD gave opening remarks, which included a message of gratitude to the organizers of Deaf-E³, and spoke of the themes of the Deaf-E³ activity and the focus of the evening, which included education, employment, and empowerment as the bedrock of the Deaf community’s collective struggles and vision for a more equitable society. He also reiterated the commitment of those present to create an enabling environment where the deaf community can thrive, succeed, and participate fully in society.

Deaf-E³ Project Director Amanda Mueller extended greetings on behalf of Gallaudet University Provost Khadijat Rashid. Ms. Mueller introduced members of the Deaf-E³ and DDW teams and expressed her appreciation to AAD for taking on the role of LOC for the dinner and thanked all of those present for their collaboration, effort, and support.

NCPWD, NNAD, ASLIN, and JONAPWD representatives, and the Abuja School for the Deaf, Kuje Principal also shared messages of goodwill from friends and associates, including a host of others who unanimously attested to the gains made to date by the members of the Deaf community in Nigeria, due to Deaf-E³ and DDW training.

They urged for more collaborative efforts and capacity building that enhances inclusion, creates opportunities, and provides opportunities for the Deaf community in Nigeria.

“Thank you to AAD executives, Damian Ayua and Ashiru Nagoma for their exemplary moderating abilities. They kept the audience entertained with games and many other fun activities. The Deaf-E3 team looks forward to many more occasions for networking and advocating with the Nigerian deaf community to gather and share their thoughts and experiences – integral elements towards the common goal of true inclusion of and a thriving Nigerian Deaf community.” Mueller said

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