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Deaf Association visits FMC, seeks access to Sign Language Interpreting service

by Inclusive News Network

By Umar Saleh, Bauchi

The Katagum Association of the Deaf (KAD) has paid advocacy visit to Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Azare, Katagum local government area, Bauchi state.

The visit was aimed at promoting access to employment, medical care, and Sign Language interpretation.

By working together, the two bodies can ensure equal opportunities, effective communication, and appropriate care for deaf individuals in Katagum local government.

The chairman of the Association, Ahmad Madara said, because of communication barriers, a deaf person is more likely to experience wrong medication and receive insufficient health care and health-related information.

“Clear communication between patients and medical staff is critical to positive interaction and successful health outcomes.

“Many people who are Deaf and hard of hearing have experienced difficulty in a hospital or medical setting predominantly around communication, he said

INN reports that the group called for employment of sign language interpreters in the health institution to provide effective communication between the two bodies and employ deaf persons as health workers.

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