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Customs arrests man with disability for smuggling

by Inclusive News Network
Person with Disability member of the smuggling cartel

A man with Disability, Mr. Faleru Olusegun, who had one of his legs amputated has confessed to be a member of a smuggling cartel that operates in Ogun State.

Olusegun who is on crutches was arrested in the act by the operatives of the Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone ‘A’, of the Nigeria Customs Service.

Olusegun who was paraded at the headquarters of FOU Zone ‘A’ in Lagos, for alleged smuggling and attacking operatives with charms and horsewhips confessed while fielding questions from journalists that he was smuggler.

When asked if the injury that led to the amputation of one of his legs was a result of previous exchange of gun fire with security operatives in the course of smuggling escapades, Olusegun said the injury was a result of armed robbery attack.

“I am a farmer at Oboko Odoyan. In 2013, I was attacked by armed robbers, because in area there are many armed robbery and kidnapping activities. I was shot in the leg. I was on sick bed for 9 years. That is why I joined a smuggling gang after I recovered. When I joined in 2022, they also shot me again, you can see some of the healed wounds, that is why I decided to go about with these charms to prevent robbery attacks and gun shot injuries. I have not attacked any officer with gun.”

Olusegun further confessed that one of his friends introduced him to smuggling.

“He started by giving me 5 bags of rice. That was how I started little by little. Even this car I am using, I bought it with money from a cooperative loan.

Parading the suspect, the Acting Area Controller of the Unit, Husein Kehinde Ejibunu said the suspect was arrested at Owoyemi village, Igbogila in Ogun State.

Ejibunu, a Deputy Comptroller of Customs said they were two in a vehicle with smuggled rice when they were intercepted.

“They were intercepted between 11.30 pm to 12am. They were two in a vehicle laden with smuggled foreign parboiled rice. When they were forcefully stopped, upon coming down, they started fighting my officers.

“They used these horse whips to beat my officers. The second suspect is at the hospital recuperating from injury sustained because he attempted to do what was unethical, and he was brought down.

“Both of them, their rice and their charms, because they depended on the charms, which they claimed could make them disappear, but the charms could not save them that day,” the Customs boss said, adding that they are awaiting prosecution.

“ As a matter of fact, I have taken remand order from the court which authorizes their detention till the charges are prepared, because the other suspect is still recuperating at the federal hospital.

“They were in a Maza car with not less than fifty bags of rice. The effrontery they had and the mind to attack officers carrying out their legitimate duty, left much to be desired.

“Most importantly, looking at the man, who looked handicapped, one will least expect somebody who is handicapped to be violent.

“But in this case, they became so violent, to the extent that it took the grace and the power conferred on us by some sections of Customs and Excise Management Act, CEMA, as enshrined, that gave our officers the authority that who ever want to act funny, should to be maimed. So, the other suspect was shot in the leg, because he wanted to act funny. He is recuperating now.

“The officer that was beaten with horse whips has been treated and discharged.

“Obviously we met the suspect with clutches, we are still looking out for more, those that are doing investigation will find out what happened to his leg that led to the amputation,” Ejibunu responded when asked if the suspect’s amputated leg was a result of previous encounter with security operatives in the process of smuggling.

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