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Children with Disabilities Deserve Love and Sense of Belonging – Super Parents Foundation

by Inclusive News Network
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By Adewale Adeyanju, INN reporter, Lagos

The Super Parents Foundation has appealed parents not to hide their children with disabilities, but to bring them out and showcase their abilities.

The Foundation also urged parents to love and treat their children with disabilities equally with non-disabled children thereby giving them a sense of belonging”.

These appeals were made at the 6th Edition of Inclusive Party for Children with Disabilities. The event, held at Ikeja-Lagos on Sunday 5th June, 2023, was organized to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. This year’s theme is “Inclusive All Stars”.

Barrister (Mrs). Mofoluwasho Liasu

Addressing Parents and guests at the event, the President and Founder of the Organization – Barrister (Mrs). Mofoluwasho Liasu said through this program, the organization has created a platform to showcase the talents and abilities of children with and without disabilities.

Stating the objective of organizing the event, she pointed to the fact that: “In the first place, we aim to promote empathy and integration among children. By bringing children with and without disabilities together in this inclusive environment, we hope to break down barriers and create a sense of unity that extends far beyond this gathering.

“Secondly, we want to showcase the immense talents and abilities of children with disabilities. We firmly believe that every child possesses unique gifts and strengths, and it is our responsibility to nurture and celebrate these abilities. By doing so, we hope to inspire these incredible children to pursue their passions and dreams, knowing that the world is filled with endless opportunities for them to shine.

“Lastly, we aim to encourage entrepreneurs and professionals to think inclusively and create more opportunities for people with disabilities. Inclusion should not be limited to events like these; it should be a way of life. By highlighting the capabilities and talents of children with disabilities, we hope to inspire others to adopt a more inclusive mindset, fostering a society that embraces diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.”

Continuing, Liasu said: “we believe that true progress lies in embracing and promoting empathy and integration among children with different abilities. Today, we have gathered here to foster lasting friendships, to encourage understanding, and to inspire each and every child to pursue their passions and dreams.

“Parents keeping their children away from society are losing a lot. These children are part of the human resources, people that are going to develop the nation. They should bring them out and showcase their abilities. They should expose them and they will get support.

“People are willing to support the children, but how would we know if you do not showcase your child’s ability? So you have to come out and talk about it.” She said.

The General Manager, Lagos State Office of Disability Affairs (LASODA) delivering his goodwill message as Chairman of the occasion said, “These special kids are amazing, and I want every parent with a child with special needs to see their children as wonderful gifts packaged differently, one that will take a lot of effort, and time to begin to unravel, like the layers of onions, the wonderful potential and abilities in that child.

“It takes patience, commitment, dedication and gratitude, a bond of understanding that a child with special needs is just like any other child and deserves love and attention and to be allowed to blossom like we have seen here today,” he said.

The Foundation President – Mrs. Mofoluwasho Liasu, launched a public presentation of a book titled, “Everyone Belongs” which she jointly co-authored with Mrs. Islamiyat Akinsola. The book celebrates differences in children and seeks to foster the inclusion of special kids in society. The books was reviewed by Mrs. Bukola Ayinde and Akhere Akran the Founder of Agatha Obiageli Aghedo memorial foundation and convener of Special People’s Stories Africa as an encompassing book for children to read. It was launched by Mr. Abdur Rahman Lekki Executive Secretary, Lagos State Scholarship Board along with eminent dignitaries and parents of special children.

The event featured lots of activities including Floor games and therapy for children, exhibition, singing and dancing, talent showcasing, drama by super kids, special children fashion show, entertainment and presentation of wheelchairs.

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Nasir Dauda June 7, 2023 - 6:24 pm

That is very job well done in deed


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