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Centre Hosts NNAD Publication Team, Seeks Strategic Collaboration

by Ogheneruemu Alexander

Bukola Simeon Afolabi (BSA) speech and hearing centre hosted the publication team of the Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) as the association steps up efforts toward releasing the maiden edition of its Deaf Voice magazine.

The group scheduled an interview on Tuesday July 12, 2022 at the center to gather authentic and sundry information on the subject of hearing and speech defects for educative and enlightenment purposes.

Receiving the team of four in his office, the CEO and chief consultant, Dr. Bukola Simeon Afolabi fielded wide ranging questions from the reporters on the overarching topic of deafness.

He gave helpful insights on the pathology of deafness, the possibilities and limitations of using hearing aids, the need for better government involvement, more efficient collaboration, etc, in the drive towards improved conditions for Persons with hearing impairments in the country. Mention was made of the huge gaps between conditions in advanced societies and the local context.

While commending the little progress so far achieved on the home front through the advocacy efforts of various Disability rights groups. Dr Afolabi however insists there is still a long way to go.

In his words: “we are still far behind but if we keep on pressing, if we keep on shouting, our voices will eventually be heard and things will wear a brighter look”. The hearing and speech expert therefore urged stronger and more strategic collaborations, stressing the old teamwork cliche: “Together Everyone Achieves More” (TEAM).

Other issues discussed during interview session include types and degrees of hearing loss, recommended treatments for each, high costs of hearing aids, recent cutting edge technology in the industry and helpful tips for parents and caregivers of the deaf.

The NNAD publication team, led by Mr. Adewale Adeyanju included Mrs Bukola Fakunle and Ogheneruemu Alexander. Completing the quartet was Joshua Fasanya, a sign language interpreter.

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