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Candidates With Disabilities Reject 2022 NECO SSCE Result

by Inclusive News Network

Candidates with disabilities have rejected the 2022 National Examination Council ordinary level result on the ground that visually impaired candidates were not taken into consideration in their plan.

One of the affected candidates, Mubarak Abdulmumeen in a protest letter made available to newsmen blamed the poor performance of the candidates with disabilities on the insensitivity of the Examination Body to their plights.

He complained that visually impaired candidates didn’t have access to braille machines which is one of the teaching aids being used to train and assist them in the externally conducted examinations.

Abdulmumeen who attributed mass failures recorded 2022 NECO O/L examination to the inaccessibility of the affected candidates to the braille machine called for a remark of their papers in the interest of justice and fair play.

The letter read in part, “It is unbelievable that all the people living with a disability. to be specific, the visually impaired students who took their NECO examination for this year failed woefully.

“Starting from the day NECO was initiated, we, people with disability make use of typewriters to write every of our examinations but the management changed the procedure in 2022 without prior notice.

“After the marking of the scripts, we discovered that all the blind students who took their NECO filled all the nine subjects they registered for this year.

“Later, we went to the NECO office to make enquiries on what led to the mass failure recorded in all the subjects we registered for.

“Our colleagues from Lagos State were told that they failed them on account of using a typewriter to write their exams instead of braille.

“The bad part of it was that the Oyo blind students also went to their NECO office as well to inform them about the issue but they did not tell them the real cause of it.

“They were not allowed to see the commissioner. It was said that he was not around. To be realistic, they disrespected our dignity. In the Nigerian constitution chapter 4 section 34, it was written clearly that our dignity must be respected.

“To be realistic, the NECO officials have infringed on our rights with this unscrupulous decision. Honestly, we will make sure that we take it up with them if a re-mark is not made on this matter. They must re-mark our script.”

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