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Build More Schools For The Deaf, Association Tasks Commissioner

by Inclusive News Network

By Umar Saleh, Bauchi

The Bauchi State Association of the Deaf (BSAD) has called on the Bauchi State Commissioner of Education Dr. Jamila Muhammad Dahiru to build more school for the Deaf.

The call was made, Friday, during an advocacy visit and presentation of award to the commissioner.

Chairman of the Association, Mal. Suleiman Ahmad noted that the major challenge of Deaf children in Bauchi is lack of sufficient schools for the Deaf and this has result in drop-outs, barriers to access to education and inadequate support systems.

He said “by building more schools for the Deaf, these gaps can be addressed and provide an environment that accommodate the unique learning needs of Deaf individuals.

Speaking further, Ahmad said “Deaf schools not only offer tailored educational programs designed to meet the needs of Deaf students but also foster a sense of belonging and community crucial for their social and emotional development. Moreover, these schools serve as hubs for specialized resources, professional staff proficient in Sign Language, and technologies that enhance learning experiences for the Deaf.

He also urges the Commissioner to employs more teachers who can communicate in Sign Language because Sign Language, as the primary mode of communication, is crucial for teaching Deaf children.

“Proficiency in Sign Language ensures effective communication, allowing teachers to convey information clearly and understand the students’ needs, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Without Sign Language skills, communication barriers could hinder the educational experience and emotional development of Deaf students.”

The Commissioner of Education, Dr. Jamila Muhammad Dahiru, appreciated Deaf Association for the award given to her for her dedication to service and providing quality education to Special Needs Children in Bauchi State.

She commended the efforts of the Association for its positive contributions toward the development of the education of Special Needs children.

She also reiterated her commitment to build more schools for the Deaf in the state and declared her support for inclusive education in the state tertiary institutions adding that inclusive education is crucial for fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities or differences, can learn together and preparing them for a more inclusive society.

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