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Adegoke, Raji (Raji Ade Oba) is a visionary Deaf writer and scholar. Naturally a people person, his philosophy is grounded on the belief that everyone has immense worth and capabilities, and in that light, we should all possess full proof of our purpose and existence. Apart from being a scholarly writer, Mr. Raj also writes liberally on leadership, communications, personal/corporate development strategies, and mental health across various settings. With a knack for telling nerve-striking stories that reach our hearts, the rising author brings personal experiences of himself and persons’ to create writings that throw us into immediacy and allow us to pause for reflection as we marvel at our own earthiness, and just how do we fit in the larger scheme. Raji Ade Oba simply challenges us to aim for the top. He can be reached at ronnydean66@gmail.com +234 8188883329