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Applaud Gov. Makinde for Transformative Impact— Olufemi Timothy urges Disability Community

by Inclusive News Network

The Executive Assistant to the Governor on Disability Matters, Honorable Femi Timothy, has commended Governor Seyi Makinde for his outstanding commitment and accomplishments at improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in Oyo State.

Olufemi Timothy, who gave the commendation during a meeting with a few people with disabilities at his office on Tuesday, encouraged the disability community to continue appreciating Governor Makinde for his substantial contributions to the marginalized group.

According to him, under Governor Seyi Makinde’s leadership, significant strides have been made to address the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities.

He said: “His administration has prioritized inclusivity, resulting in the establishment of the Agency for Persons with Disability. This agency serves as a platform to advocate for their rights and ensure their voices are heard at every level of governance.

“Governor Makinde’s commitment is evidenced by the creation of the Office for the Executive Assistant on Disability Matters. This dedicated office serves as a bridge between the government and the disability community to ensure effective communication and swift action on disability-related issues.

“And to ensure equitable representation and support at the grassroots level, the Governor appointed supervisory councillors in all thirty-three local governments across the state. The initiative is aimed to provide localized assistance, services, and programs that cater for the unique needs of individuals with disabilities in their respective communities.

“Governor Makinde’s administration has taken further steps to support persons with disabilities within Oyo State. Notably, individuals with disabilities have been employed in the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), creating opportunities for their meaningful participation in the educational sector.”

While noting the importance of accessible transportation in the state, Hon. Olufemi maintained that Gov. Makinde’s government has provided free buses specifically designated for persons with disabilities to enhance their mobility and ensure greater inclusivity throughout the state.

He added that the government has actively pursued empowerment programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities while stressing that the initiatives is aimed to equip them with tools, resources, and skills necessary for their personal and professional development.

According to him, these additional measures demonstrate Governor Seyi Makinde’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for persons with disabilities in Oyo State.

Honorable Femi Timothy however urged persons with disabilities to express gratitude to the Governor for his tireless efforts as well as encouraging them to be patient as the government is working towards further benefits for the community.

“The legacy that Governor Seyi Makinde has established through his diligence and empathy is one that will be treasured for years to come.

“In light of recent events, I am appealing to the disability community to continue to pray and support Governor Seyi Makinde over the unfortunate explosion that occurred in Bodija, Ibadan recently.

“The community’s support during this challenging time will undoubtedly strengthen the Governor’s determination to continue serving the people of Oyo State with unwavering dedication,” he concluded.

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