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Aisha Aminu: High Court in Kogi sentences Audu Obe to death by hanging

..As PWDs call for increased advocacy against all forms of discrimination

by Sejoro Ekundayo
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The Ihima High Court in Obangede, Kogi State, in its ruling yesterday, sentenced Audu Siyaka Obe to death by hanging for the heinous murder of Aisha Aminu, a woman with disability and member of the disability community.

The verdict comes exactly one year after the gruesome crime was committed by her alleged lover. The Presiding Judge, Justice Aisha, found the suspect guilty of culpable homicide, an offense punishable by death under the Kogi State criminal penal code.

On June 7, 2023, Aisha Aminu was brutally stabbed multiple times by her alleged former lover, Audu Siyaka Obe, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The sentence brings closure to the family of the victim and the disabled community, who had been seeking justice for the senseless killing.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Network of Women with Disabilities, NWD, Ms Lois Auta expressed joy that justice is served for Aisha. Auta also lauded the judiciary, the law enforcement agencies, 15 working committee members of PWDs who worked tirelessly in ensuing justice is served for the disabled victim.

According to her, “the committee had set up a WhatsApp group for Aisha, held several meetings, shared ideas together that resulted to the victory. We return a huge gratitude to God for fighting for Aisha and her children. Network of Women with Disabilities is excited that Aisha won the case and we share our joy in this victory.”

Auta emphasized the need for collaboration, adding that the judgement serves as a deterrent to potential perpetrators of similar heinous crimes against women with disabilities.

Auta highlighted the need for increased advocacy as according to her, several women with disabilities across states are silently facing similar discriminations. She calls for stronger measures to counteract increasing violences against women with disabilities across Nigeria.

Also in her statement, Bilikisu Yakubu, National Coordinator, Advocacy for Women With Disabilities Initiative (AWWDI) expressed deepest gratitude to the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, Kogi state government and all those who tirelessly pursued justice in this case.

Yakubu said, “It’s no longer business as usual where people do anyhow with persons with disabilities and go scot-free.

“This verdict sends a clear message that crimes against PWDs will not be tolerated, and justice will be swift and severe.

Yakubu urged stakeholders to honor Aisha Aminu’s memory by redoubling efforts to protect and empower women with disabilities.

The President, Association Of People With Disabilities (APWD), Comr. Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem, praised Justice Aisha for her courage and commitment to upholding the law. He emphasized that the judgment serves as a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of standing together against injustice.

“Aisha Aminu’s memory will be honored through continued advocacy for justice and equality for all. Her legacy will live on, inspiring others to fight for their rights and demand justice in the face of adversity.”

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