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LAAF Raises Awareness On UV Protection, Distributes Preventive Items To Persons with Albinism

by Inclusive News Network

By Adewale Adeyanju (INN), Lagos

Lagos Albinism Awareness Foundation (LAAF) has raised awareness on protection from Ultraviolet radiation.

The group also distributed life-saving cancer preventive Sun lotions and umbrellas to over 100 persons with Albinism in Lagos.

Albinism is a genetic condition that affects the skin, hair and eye. The defect is manifested in the lack of colour pigmentation called melanin which gives colouration to the skin, hair and eyes.

When there is low or no melanin in the body, the body becomes prone to ultraviolet rays. This dangerous exposure in the absence of melanin puts Persons With Albinism at the risk of developing skin cancer.

Speaking at the 5th Edition of Ultraviolet Protection and End-of-Year parley held on Monday, guest speaker, Mrs. Jumoke Otitoloju, Founder of Iyaniwura Children Care Foundation said “much more can still be done globally to raise awareness about the plight and rights of people with albinism”.

Alhaja Idiat Sanmi, who spoke on behalf of Mrs Otitoloju, said “the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises to leave no one behind.

“Today is another opportunity to declare solidarity with people with albinism and strive together so that those who are often left furthest behind are able to live free from discrimination, fear, and empowered to enjoy their full human rights”.

Mrs. Adetutu Aderonke was full of encomiums for persons with Albinism for their courage and acceptance of their fate to live their lives as God created them, she encouraged people with Albinism to appreciate their uniqueness since from birth, God has made them a special being and they should appreciate that.

Her words: “You are all unique and wonderfully made by your creator who was wise to make you special. You should live a life full of appreciation to God, appreciating your unique self and, no matter what, you should not allow anything give you reason to be discouraged”.

Earlier, the president, Lagos Albinism Awareness Foundation – Mrs. Omolola Josephine in her welcome address, maintained that the foundation has given series of teachings to parents of Persons with Albinism and PWAs on how to use Sun lotions and Florourasil 5%(Efudix) which was handled by herself, a professional Nurse with high experience in that area. She recently retired as Deputy Director Nursing Services.

She said, “it came to my notice that people use Florourasil as Sun lotions and damaged their skin which makes my heart bleeds, hence this program, care of Albino Skin and eyes with type of soap and cream to use including type of clothings PWAs, was part of our teaching as a tool for prevention so the program is not only for wine dine and merriments but highly preventive.

“We have to do this parley because we lost three Persons with Albinism to death from skin cancer and some are critically ill due to the same reason in different hospitals.

Josephine disclosed that the program, against skin cancer and skin cancer death, is going to be a quarterly event and urged both Federal and state governments to provide free skin cancer treatments to save the lives of PWAs. She also appealed Individuals and other NGOs to support the foundation in this prevention campaign because, according to her, it is cumbersome and expensive to treat skin cancer.

The event featured dancing competition between the young and adults. Apart from that, health talks on care of skin was the highlight of the day. Earlier, a representative of Irede Foundation – Ms. Ronke James handed a donation of 50 UV protection umbrellas to the Lagos Albinism Awareness Foundation.


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