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Prioritize Education of Children with Disabilities, CSF Reiterates

by Sejoro Ekundayo

Cedar Seed Foundation has reiterated the need to prioritize education of Children with Disabilities in Nigeria. The foundation laments that the right of the child with Disability to education is being violated.

The call came during the commemoration of this year’s International Day of Education held on 24 January and included a visit to two schools in Gombe State.

The foundation notes that “the occasion calls for actions aimed to maintain strong political mobilization around education and chart ways to translate commitment and global initiatives into action. Accordingly, education must be prioritized to accelerate progress toward all Sustainable Development Goals.


“Furthermore it must be noted that the targeted progress will take place against the backdrop of a global recession, growing inequalities and the climate crisis.”

CSF reiterates the need to transform education, adding that without inclusive, equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality, social inclusion and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind.

Sanusi Emmanuel, CSF IT/Media Consultant, remarked that the celebration by CSF is to clamour for inclusion of Learners with Disability in the conventional school system instead of the special school system to avoid development of inferiority complex.

On the plus side, Sanusi observed that since mainstream schools are already practicing inclusive education, teachers should train learners without disability on the use of some assistive devices.

He believes this will ensure and encourage peace cohabiting among learners. As much as possible weakness and strength of learners should be identified and shared among the class members. This will encourage team work.

Sarkinyara Iliya Anuwa, Principal of Abdullahi Madi Academy, appreciates CSF for celebrating the International day of education with students and teachers of the school.

He said: “although some parent withdrew their children because of one financial challenge or another, the management have given fully funded scholarship to all children with disability in the school and it is already two years since they got the scholarship.

“Even with the high cost of inclusive education, they are and will continue to do their best in ensuring that structures and facilities of the school are made accessible and suitable for learning.”

Labour Master of Shehu Abubakar Secondary School, Usman Adamu Usman, noted that even in the Holy Quran, education is for all. Therefore as the theme reads, the school will ensure that in terms of admission, facilities for Persons with Disability will be top priority. He requested that CSF visit the school at least once in a term to engage the learners, teachers on training, workshop, etc.

Also speaking, Senior master of Shehu Abubakar Secondary school, Suleiman Adamu, buttressed on the benefits of inclusive education and why the Gombe State Ministry of Education should implement the policy as well as make adequate provision for necessary learning devices to support Persons with Disability.

A female student of the school who uses mobility aid says she is so happy that an organization like CSF is in the business of going around encouraging Children with disabilities and sensitizing the public.

According to her, “it shows that Persons with Disabilities are not forgotten, and as such she says she will give her best to adhere to the encouragement she received from CSF’s International Day of Education visit.”

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