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CCD Urges FG To Create Awareness On Sign Language In Nigeria

by Inclusive News Network

The Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) has called on Federal Ministry of Information and the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities to create more awareness on Sign Language in Nigeria.

The Centre also urged National Commission for Persons with Disabilities to take appropriate steps to promote and recognize Sign Language as a lingua franca in Nigeria. This is to reduce the gap between the Deaf community and the larger society.

The Centre made this known in a press statement released yesterday to commemorate this year’s International day of sign language with the theme, “Sign Languages Unite Us”

Mr. David O. Anyaele, Executive Director of CCD said “This year’s International Day of Sign Language is an opportunity for us as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to reflect on the extent to which we accommodate citizens of our country that do not speak or hear the way we do, in particular persons with hearing impairments that use Sign Language as a means of communication.

“It is an opportunity for us to ask ourselves critical questions on the extent to which we include Deaf persons in governance and socio-economic activities in the society; the extent of availability of Sign Language interpreters in Nigeria that could support the teaming Nigerians with hearing impairment.

“Being Deaf in Nigeria attracts exclusion, isolation and stigmatization as well as poverty.”

According to him, “over 80% of Deaf persons in the world are living in developing countries, with millions of Nigerians having one level of hearing impairment or the other; acknowledging that Sign Language is the major channel for accessing the world by the Deaf community, yet it’s awareness among Nigerians is very low;

“The major form of communication between the Deaf community and members of their society is through Sign Language, which is a tool for social interaction for Deaf persons; and concern that access to Sign Language for Deaf persons in hospitals, schools, government institutions and other public centres are very limited, if not impossible. One wonders how the persons with hearing impairment in Nigeria are coping with such a harsh society.

“Sections 24 and 25 of the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018 requires public hospitals and the government to ensure that persons with disabilities are given special considerations, including provision of special communication during situations of risk, emergencies (such as Covid-19) and other natural causes. Yet implementation is the real mountain to be removed for Deaf community to feel united in Nigeria.

“Sign Language is the surest way of encouraging the Deaf community’s participation in the electoral process, as evidence shows that many political parties make no provisions for it.”

CCD also urged Federal and state governments to provide incentives to encourage and increase more students enrollment for Sign Language studies in higher institutions.

He said this will ensure availability of Sign Language Interpreters in every location in Nigeria to support the increasing number of Deaf persons; even as the need for capacity building on sign language usage in our public institutions has become imperative.

“INEC and Political parties must ensure availability of Sign Language interpreters during the forthcoming General elections even as campaign kicks off ending of this month

“No one should be left behind by reason of hearing impairment, as such with access to Sign Language to Deaf community, will not only unite us as people, but would go along way towards promoting inclusive society free from discrimination on the grounds of disability, and hearing impairment in particular.” He said.

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