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Conflicts: NARPOSD establishes Rescue Village for displaced persons

by Inclusive News Network
Internally Displaced Persons

By Joseph Erunke

Determined to bring succor to communities affected by the adverse effect of conflict in Nigeria, the New Approach to rural program on skills development, NARPOSD,has unveiled shelter programme called ‘Rescue Village.”

NARPOSD,an international Non-Governmental Organization,NGO, explained in a statement, Thursday,by its Head of Operation and Financial Advisor, Dr. Lilian Omekara,that the programme was “designed with the aim to provide temporary homes for displaced persons before a more permanent shelter is provided.”

While giving a detailed insight of the program, Omekara said the group through her dedicated team of project management and entire team had over the years, carried out various projects all in a bid to alleviate poverty or adverse effect of happenings that have displaced people, like banditry, flood or natural disaster.

She said, “To mention a few among the various projects and schemes carried out are, the return of out-of-school children on the street back into the classroom. with the provision of back-to-school material.

“Wheelchairs were provided for persons living with disabilities. This helping hand has further been stretched out to youths of various communities under the six hydro electrical-producing states which are Niger, Plateau, Kogi, Kwara, Kebbi and Benue.

“The youths of these communities are been enrolled in skill acquisition programme and are to be empowered at the end of the scheme both financially and in equipment where needed.

“The first unveiling of ‘the Rescue Village’ project took place in Kuta, shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State on the 30th of June, 2022.

“During the ceremony, the Head of Operation of the New Approach to rural program on skills development (NARPOSD) and Financial Advisor Dr. Lilian Omekara, made a statement in which she reiterated the organization’s commitment in giving and helping the poor, especially displaced persons. As part of her personal contribution to providing displaced persons with a place to live, she helps to make the notion of rejection and abandonment unthinkable.

“I have the poor’s best interests at heart, and giving aid to those who have been forced to flee their homes is a good way to give your next-door neighbor a chance to breathe and live’.

“This also happens to be one of the main goals and commitments of the New Approach Humanitarian Aid Support. At the conclusion of the ceremony, she went further to thank her benefactors for their unwavering support of her vision and drive to provide comfort for the homeless”.

She explained that,”NARPOSD is an International Non-Governmental Organization that acts as a technical and financial partner to some Regional and National NGOs, Agencies of government, and the private sector across Africa.”

“New Approach is also registered in the database of the United Nations under ECOSOC, and this gives her the opportunity to have access to most professional meetings, conferences, seminars, and even events organized by United Nations Agencies or her partners.

“New appraoch is an Intervention Organization that reaches out and helps the most fragile communities who are affected by the adverse effect of conflict, natural disasters, and flooding that has led to displacement of people from their original communities, poor healthcare, and dilapidated education environment,”she added.

The statement noted that:”Africa is home to one of the world’s most complex displacement crises, which has significantly affected the lives of both internally displaced persons (IDPs) and displaced communities.”

“Nigeria in particular is currently experiencing severe insecurity, which is starting to show a lot of bad effects, such as the socioeconomic collapse of structures, loss of lives and properties, and the displacement of people from their places of comfort.

“NARPOSD organization’s mission statement is simply interested in helping the poor, especially those who are displaced and this is one of the reasons that gave birth to the Shelter Project Initiative named the ‘Rescue Village’ to give individuals who have lost their homes and comfort due to a flood or banditry, a substitute for a shelter and close to excellent housing,”it further read.

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